How co-ownership is opening up affordability for Hilton Head Island buyers

Published Date: January 5, 2023

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In a popular luxury vacation destination like Hilton Head Island, high prices make it challenging for buyers to purchase their dream second home. This is where Pacaso’s co-ownership model makes things more accessible.“For some clients that have maybe been priced out of the market, this opens up the door and the opportunity to get them in at a really palatable price point,” says Adam Taylor, a real estate expert on Hilton Head Island. “Pacaso is here to give second home owners an opportunity to take this house — second row, steps from the ocean — that’s valued at just under $5 million to a market share price of $679,000.”Watch the video to learn more about how Pacaso opens up affordability for more buyers and how agents can work with Pacaso to easily earn referral commissions.
Interested in working with Pacaso to expand your services and help more clients buy their second home? Check out our agent resources to get started.

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Tony Huynh

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