Pacaso owners in Tahoe: Co-ownership is ‘exactly what we need’

Published Date: June 6, 2023

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Like many couples, Richard and Anne-Catherine thought about buying a second home for years, and they got pretty close a few times. They even did a trial run to see what ownership might be like, renting a home for a season when their children were young, but it ended up being a hassle. “We had to duplicate everything we had in our home to be comfortable, and we were always forgetting something or didn’t have something. There was so much to pack and bring back — it just wasn’t working!” said Richard. But more than the inconvenience of schlepping things between homes, a feeling held them back: guilt. “Every time we were serious about buying a place, I always felt guilty knowing we wouldn’t use it very much,” said Anne-Catherine.

Right-sized ownership with all the amenities

Living in the Bay Area, Richard and Anne-Catherine are regular visitors to Lake Tahoe and enjoy the region’s variety of year-round outdoor activities. They never gave up on the idea of owning a second home, and considered buying a condo in Tahoe. Then they learned about Pacaso. “We thought, what a great idea! This is exactly what we need. The cleaning is done, the decorating is done, and there will always be other people using it. We’ll have it for a reasonable amount of time, but it’s not just us — it’s not wasted,” said Anne-Catherine. Plus, owning a Pacaso meant they didn’t have to deal with all the prep and packing that made their seasonal rental experience so much work. “A big advantage of Pacaso is how well-equipped it is,” said Richard. “You don’t have to worry about what to bring because apart from picking up groceries, everything you need is here.”While they had some initial reservations about taking a risk with a newer company, Richard and Anne-Catherine felt reassured by Pacaso’s thorough operating agreement, and ultimately bought their share sight-unseen after taking a video tour.

A nice price, a very nice home

Co-owning a Pacaso also gave Richard and Anne-Catherine an opportunity to own a larger home than they could otherwise afford. “In Tahoe, what we paid for our one-eighth share gets you a one-bedroom apartment. It would be available to us all the time, but it would be very tiny, so I’m not sure it would be worth it,” said Richard. Anne-Catherine noted that it also wouldn’t come with the new, modern furnishings they enjoy at their Pacaso. “If we had a whole second place, we would furnish it with our old stuff, so it wouldn’t be as nice!” Having stayed at many vacation rentals, the couple says the quality of their Pacaso far exceeds the homes they’ve rented. “Rentals can be shabby,” said Anne-Catherine. “Even high-end rentals can still have cheap cutlery or no baking equipment. I adore baking, and at our Pacaso, everything is there. The decor is very tasteful, and the quality of the bedding and towels is so nice.” Service at rental properties can be unpredictable as well, but they’ve been pleased with their Pacaso experience. Everything has gone smoothly, from timely door-code notifications to the functionality of the home technology. And the human touch has been a real plus: “The manager is reachable and responsive right away — it gives you confidence,” said Anne-Catherine. 

Year-round enjoyment

Tahoe’s seasonal activities make it an ideal second home location, and Richard and Anne-Catherine look forward to exploring the area from their Pacaso home base. “Our home is well located, and we can go swimming and cycling in the summer, and skiing in the winter. The shopping is good, and we look forward to getting to know the neighbors,” said Anne-Catherine. “I actually made muffins for the neighbors on one of our first visits, and we met one neighbor and they loved the house.” The couple is also happy to have a place to share with family and friends — something that would have been challenging had they bought a small condo. “We came with two of our (adult) kids and they couldn't believe the place — it was a treat,” said Anne-Catherine.Richard added, “The service, the cleaning and quality of the place that you get for the money is very good. It’s a great deal compared to a one-bedroom apartment where we’d have to do everything ourselves. We can come here and do a bit of work, a bit of skiing — it’s going to be brilliant.”

Make Tahoe your second home destination

Pacaso puts second home ownership within reach, with listings in some of the most desirable destinations. Check out our co-ownership listings in Lake Tahoe, and find your dream home today. 
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