Swap FAQs

Learn how swapping works with a co-owner of your second home and with a friend who owns a different Pacaso.

Swap within your home

  • How does swapping within my own home work?

  • How do I swap stays with other co-owners of my home?

  • How do I know if other owners have “Open to swap” stays?

  • How do I mark my stays as “Open to swap”?

  • How do SmartStay rules factor into swapped stays?

  • What happens when a swap is confirmed?

  • How do I modify or cancel a swapped stay?

  • What if I don’t want to receive any swap requests?

Swap with another Pacaso

  • How do I swap stays with a friend who owns a different Pacaso?

  • Can I disable the swap feature for a connection?

  • What available dates can other owners see on my calendar?

  • How do I request a swap?

  • How do I accept or decline a swap?

  • What happens when a swap is confirmed?

  • What happens if I need to resell my share and have a confirmed swap?

  • Is there a policy for swapping stays?

Buyer webinars

Pacaso 101

Pacaso employees hosting a webinar

Have questions about co-ownership? Connect directly with our Crew both live and on demand to learn the basics of the Pacaso model and how ownership can enrich your life.

More about scheduling stays

SmartStay scheduling

Our technology makes booking time in your home fair and simple, throughout the year.

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