Pacaso’s new swap feature gives owners more flexibility and ease

Published Date: October 28, 2023

You can now exchange dates with another co-owner of your home, or swap stays with a friend who owns a different Pacaso.
You asked, we answered. We’re excited to launch one of the most highly requested features: Swap. You can now exchange dates with another co-owner of your home, or swap stays with a friend who owns a different Pacaso — all in the Pacaso owner app. It’s your time, spent when and where you want.

Flexibility when you need it

One of the biggest benefits of the new feature is the flexibility it offers owners. With swap, you can easily change your vacation plans without having to give up time in your home. 

How it works

As an owner, you are able to indicate which of your booked stays are “Open to swap.” This makes it easy for you and co-owners of your home to view dates on the calendar that are booked but flexible, and gives either of you the opportunity to initiate a swap. Once you’ve initiated a swap request, the other co-owner can select from your “Open to swap” stays or any other open dates on the calendar. You and the other co-owner each have 48 hours to confirm the swap. Note that all SmartStay scheduling rules apply as usual.Once a swap is confirmed, it will be booked as a stay on your calendar. You can modify, cancel or add guests as you would with any regular stay. And the best part? All swaps are done anonymously for privacy and convenience.

Easy ways to enjoy a different Pacaso

The swap feature also makes it easy to choose where you spend your time. Do you own a stunning mountain retreat in Tahoe but want to stay at your friend’s sunny oasis in Palm Springs? Instead of having to coordinate dates on your own or arrange guest stays, you have the option to easily swap dates with friends using our seamless scheduling system in the app.

How it works

To swap stays with a friend or family member who owns a different Pacaso, you must first be connected in the app, which you can access by sending a connection link in the app. Once connected, you can view your friend’s calendar, see swappable dates and initiate a request, similar to how you would look for dates with the co-owners of your own home. Once the swap is confirmed, you're all set to live the Pacaso lifestyle in your friend’s home and destination.The more Pacaso owners you know, the more swaps are possible. Refer friends so they, too, can enjoy the enriching experience of owning a second home.

Enhancing the ownership experience

The swap feature brings a new dimension to owning a Pacaso second home. It offers greater flexibility and exciting opportunities for enjoying second home living at its best. Ready to swap? Browse our swap FAQs to learn more, then head to your owner app to get started.

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