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More luxury, less hassle

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With Pacaso’s innovative LLC co-ownership model, you can own a professionally designed and managed luxury single-family home for 1/8 the cost. It's not a timeshare — it's the modern way to own a second home.

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    Find your second home with Pacaso

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      Browse and tour luxury homes in over 40 world-class destinations. Walk through any home virtually, or come see our amazing properties in person. Choose the amount of ownership that's right for you, starting at ⅛.

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      Competitive financing is available for up to 70% of your purchase; homes come professionally designed and fully furnished. We’ll walk you through each step of the process and schedule your first stays.

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      Pacaso is true real estate ownership. From expert interior design to ongoing management, dedicated local support, and equitable, app-based scheduling, we make ownership simple and turnkey.

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      If you decide to upgrade or sell, do so with confidence. Thousands of active buyers, including existing co-owners, are eager to expand their ownership. On average, Pacaso listings resell in 12 days for a 12% gain.

    We make it simple

    How LLC co-ownership works

    We've modernized and simplified the decades-old practice of DIY co-ownership. Watch our video to learn how owning property in a fully managed LLC allows you to enjoy the benefits of second home ownership without all the hassles.

    See the difference

    Pacaso vs. Timeshares

    Pacaso HomeResort Timeshare
    Property TypeSingle-family residenceHotel/Condo
    True OwnershipYes, real propertyNo, right-to-use time
    UsageOngoing accessFixed week(s)
    Resale ApproachMarket pricing; sell on your termsSet pricing; sell with resort

    With Pacaso, you own a home, not just a block of time. You can book stays throughout the year, not annually. And resale? It's fast and streamlined, and you set the price.

    Why second home owners love their Pacasos

    Buyer FAQs

    • Do I really have ownership in the home?

    • Can I finance my second home purchase?

    • How do I schedule time to use the home?

    • How is this different from a timeshare?