‘A place where you can unwind faster’: Pacaso owner finds familiarity and community in her two second homes

Published Date: January 5, 2023

Liesl had been looking for a second home in California Wine Country for some time. After losing an offer on a whole home in Calistoga, Liesl came across a Pacaso listing in Malibu. Although Malibu was not on her radar, she was so intrigued by the idea of co-owning a home that she decided to share the listing with her sister. “I never would have even purchased a home in Malibu, but it was even more beautiful in person than in the photos, so we ended up with a Pacaso on the Pacific Coast Highway,” Liesl shared. “We totally love it.”Then, after coming across another appealing Pacaso listing in Calistoga, Liesl fell in love with that home as well and decided to buy her second Pacaso. 

A home for many occasions

Beyond it being in her dream destination, Liesl loved how much “home” she was getting. “It was a much bigger home than I could afford,” she said about her Calistoga Pacaso. “We have a big family. We needed a big house for all of us to gather.”The big surprise was getting to use her home for other purposes, too. “The only reason I had gotten the home was for our big family, but it’s great for friends too. And, I could bring my dog. It’s great,” Liesl shared.

The ease of ownership

Liesl likes that her Pacaso homes are completely different from a timeshare. “I have timeshares in Cabo San Lucas, but the buying process with Pacaso was so easy. We bought the Malibu share, but we financed the Calistoga. And I could not believe how easy it was,” she said.Another part of this ease is having a fully managed home where Pacaso takes care of the hassles and worries of second home ownership. Liesl recounts an experience where a fuse went out at her home. “We were making dinner for friends, and a fuse went out. Pacaso sent someone over and fixed it — and it was a Sunday. I don't have to worry about finding a local person to fix issues in the home. Two of my friends left my Calistoga home, and both are looking now to get one,” she said.

A familiar community to call home

Having a second home offers limitless options for fun and relaxation. “In Malibu, we like to find local restaurants and shops, go on hikes and go to the beach. In Calistoga, we hardly left the house the first weekend we were there. We just enjoyed the house — we had friends over, and we played games, pickleball, bocce ball and board games, and we swam and we cooked.”Liesl also recounts a positive experience meeting a neighbor in Malibu. “So, he goes, ‘Oh, you're one of the Pacaso owners. That's great. Welcome to the neighborhood.’ I thought there'd maybe be a little resistance. But I would say this: It's my home, and I would treat it as my home. I want to get to know the community and be a part of the community.” And for Liesl, there’s immense value in having a home where every aspect is familiar, from supporting her favorite local restaurants to knowing where the pots and pans are in the kitchen. “I run a pretty busy life being a CEO with two kids,” she said. “Being able to go somewhere where I know I'm not going to have to do a lot of work to prepare … it all goes back to having that place where you can unwind faster.”

Find your place to unwind

When you co-own a Pacaso, you enjoy hassle-free ownership at a place that feels like home — because it is. Whether you’re looking for a Wine Country retreat or a home on the coast, check out our co-ownership listings in the top destinations.

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