5 must-haves for your luxury home office

Published Date: January 6, 2023

Modern metal desk in office with three floor length windows
A home office should be more than just a place to get work done. It should spark inspiration and help you channel success. Whether your luxury home office design style is classic, modern or somewhere in between, here are five things that every luxury home office should have. 

1. Great lighting

A thoughtful lighting scheme can make all the difference in how you feel in your office space, how much you’re able to get done and how you look on your video calls! Experiment with a combination of ambient and task lighting until you find the right blend. Natural light is also great for home offices. Just be sure to position your desk so you get all the benefits of sunlight coming through the windows without the harsh glare on your computer screen. 

2. Quality furnishings 

A home office presents the perfect opportunity to ditch standard-issue office furniture and invest in quality pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Why spend your day in a clunky rolling office chair when you could instead take your calls from a stylish, supportive leather armchair? Surround yourself with upscale furnishings like a statement desk, a distinctive lamp and built-in bookcases. 

3. A distraction-free setup

One key to home office success is making sure your space is purpose-built for productivity. Resist the temptation to make your home office do double-duty as a guest room or a media room. Having a big-screen TV calling your name while you’re trying to work is sure to zap your motivation.Another easy but effective way to defeat distractions? A door. It sounds simple, but having a separate, closed-off area for work helps others in your household know when you’re busy and shouldn’t be distracted. A door also helps you mentally “close up shop” at the end of the day — simply turn off the light, shut the door and leave work behind.  

4. Luxury touches 

You spend a lot of time in your home office, so it should be aesthetically pleasing. Thoughtfully selected accessories like houseplants, framed photos, artwork and tasteful memorabilia can give your office space a warm, personal feel that’s unique to you. A few super-luxe touches can’t hurt, either. Think coordinated desk accessories made of marble or hardwood, textured wallpaper or a plush area rug in a neutral tone. 

5. A great conversation piece 

Whether you meet clients in your home office or it’s your private sanctuary, every home office benefits from an inspiring focal point. It could be a stunning art piece, a stately fireplace, a gorgeous accent wall, a piece of antique furniture, or a floor-to-ceiling window. Whatever you choose, it should inspire you and spark conversation. 

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