How to effectively market Pacaso ownership and wow your clients

Published Date: January 5, 2023

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Pacaso’s co-ownership model has some impressive upsides for agents:
  • It creates the opportunity for more transactions and business for you (win)
  • It gives you the chance to reconnect with past clients (current second home owners, or second home dreamers who've been slow to act) and engage them with a new and innovative ownership idea (win)
  • It allows you to introduce a wider swath of buyers to homes that previously were beyond their price range (win)
  • It positions you as an innovative agent on the cutting edge of new, better ways to buy and sell homes (win)
So what are the best ways to market Pacaso to your buyers so they win too? Here are a few tips.

Create eye-catching visual assets

Browsing for homes online is practically a national pastime. So when you create a Pacaso home listing, it’s important to develop strong visuals that allow buyers to immerse themselves in the home. Showcase the home’s must-have amenities (think pools, hot tubs, fireplaces and epic views) and capture the home’s vibe of livable luxury.Professional-quality photos and videos, 3D home tours and easy-to-follow floorplans are essential to help buyers see if the home is right for them. These assets are especially helpful for remote buyers considering Pacaso homes in desirable second-home markets. 

“Go live” to showcase your homes

Instagram and Facebook are the perfect platforms to share your listings. They help you reach a wide range of buyers, introducing them to co-ownership of homes that may have been out of reach. Your social media feeds will be full of gorgeous images of beautiful homes. Another win!Engage with your social media followers by responding to their comments and asking them what questions they have about co-ownership and the listed home. Then take things up a notch by live-streaming a walkthrough of the house. It’s an immersive experience that helps potential buyers feel like they’re inside the house — and get really excited about touring it in person. Use your live stream to welcome questions about Pacaso and co-ownership. It helps buyers understand the process and builds credibility and trust in you. 

Use email to reach past and current clients

Spread the word about Pacaso’s co-ownership model by tapping your existing email lists. Chances are, you’ll be the first to introduce your clients to this new way of owning a second home. You’ll position yourself as an innovator who opens up new possibilities for your clients. Ask your Pacaso rep for access to pre-written email templates with everything you need to make email creation simple and seamless. You can use the stunning listing images to make your emails read show-stoppers. And if the home was a short-term rental ...Your Pacaso listing may already have an existing fan base that includes potential buyers. If the home had been operated as a short-term rental (Airbnb or VRBO, for example), ask the seller to reach out to former guests to let them know the home they enjoyed is now for sale. 

Set up tours or open houses

Seeing is believing, whether it's a virtual or in-person experience. What's key is helping buyers get excited about the home's wow-worthy features so they can start imagining their first stay in their new second home. Plus, you’ll be able to talk about the home, answer questions about the Pacaso LLC co-ownership model and develop your client list. Pacaso’s team of marketing professionals is eager to help with turnkey, co-branded materials. Contact your Pacaso rep for more information.

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