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The Hollow Living Room
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A second home is a place to relax, unwind and enjoy a break from your everyday routine. Comfortable furnishings and beautiful surroundings are a key part of that experience and core to the Pacaso design philosophy. Before the first Pacaso owner steps inside their new second home, the Pacaso design team observes every space and every angle, inside and out, to plan and create a curated environment of livable luxury. Technology enables the team to get a head start, assessing the requirements of the space through digital floor plans and 3D renderings. Once inside the home, the design vision is refined and brought to life, then all the finishing touches are added. Erin Johns, lead design partner, sums up Pacaso’s approach: “In the design process we never cut corners, we never under-consider details, and we strive to provide sophisticated elegance.”Designing a Pacaso second home offers a unique and exciting challenge. The spaces will be used and enjoyed by multiple families, and the homes need to serve everyone’s needs equally well. “These are discerning clients with great taste and high expectations,” said Erin. “Our goal in designing a Pacaso is to think of absolutely everything, even the things that owners didn’t know they wanted. Each time they walk into their home, we want it to take their breath away. We want it to be a sanctuary and a place they can enjoy to the fullest.”

Location sets the stage

The first step in the Pacaso design process is imagining how owners will use their home, and that depends a lot on the home’s location, said Erin. “You really have to design around where the home is located. If it’s by the ocean, you want to think about indoor-outdoor living, and create a light, beachy feel with colors that enhance the ocean view.”In areas with more extreme temperatures, the design team considers the climate and weather-related activities owners are likely to pursue. “For a snowy mountain home, the design should be warm and inviting, something that helps you relax and recover after a day of skiing. For a desert home, your day might be centered around the pool, so we focus on poolside details, like plenty of comfortable chaise lounges and a beautiful shaded space for outdoor meals.”

Experiences drive design

Once the team has decided on a general design approach based on location and climate, they think about the home’s layout and attributes, and how those features will influence the way people use the home. “We really try to design around the experiences we imagine people having. These are personal homes that people will spend a lot of time in, and they are going to bring their friends and family. They want a space they can show off and be proud of and enjoy.”A beautiful home instills pride, but an enjoyable home is designed with the owners’ experiences in mind. “We want to maximize the space and make sure it’s truly functional — space for everyone to sit and watch a movie or enjoy a meal together, or if there’s a beautiful view, a comfortable area where people can share in the view.”

Every detail matters

Each item in a Pacaso, be it a champagne flute, throw pillow or floor lamp, is intentionally matched to the home. Furnishings are trend-forward, contemporary and beautiful — and items are selected with function in mind as well. “Each piece we choose is carefully curated for the exact home it's in and the purpose it needs to serve.”Equal attention is given to all the extras that make a house feel like home. “We take every detail into account. We hand-select each decorative accessory, and every home is filled with art. We want art to be the first thing you see, and it should create an atmosphere — inspiring, striking and also calming to add to the enjoyment of the home.” And when it comes to the basics, we don’t skimp on the things you (and your four-legged friends) need to enjoy your stay. Homes are stocked with more than 100 essentials for everyday living.

The final product

Once all the finishing touches are in place, we hope each owner will feel immediately at home in their Pacaso. “We want them to feel like this is the exact right place for them. We want them to feel comfortable, relaxed, and have peace of mind that every single thing within these walls is going to be what they need — all they have to do is show up and enjoy their home.” Find your beautifully designed second home, and experience Pacaso’s livable luxury for yourself. See our newest luxury listings

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