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Lake Arrowhead at a glance

This mountain resort town tucked away in the San Bernardino Mountains has an unmistakable alpine vibe — despite being just 23 miles from San Bernardino and 80 from Los Angeles. The town is anchored by private Lake Arrowhead, which restricts use to owners of homes within a perimeter about a mile from the lake. Flanked by the San Bernardino Mountains and a national forest, the area offers plenty of skiing, hiking, biking and fishing.

Summer is peak season in Lake Arrowhead as SoCal residents flock to this mountain town to escape the heat. The high altitude means summer temperatures in the “Alps of Southern California” are 10-20 degrees cooler than in the valley.

In the winter, Lake Arrowhead turns into a snowy retreat, with an average of 80 inches of snow each year. Because there isn’t a big ski resort in town, it remains a quieter, less crowded destination than nearby Big Bear Lake.

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