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Learn how Pacaso makes it simpler for buyers to co-own a luxury holiday home.

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  • Do I really own the property?

  • Can I finance my purchase?

  • What is a Prospect listing?

  • What is a Coming Soon listing?

  • Does this work like a regular property transaction?

  • How do I schedule time to enjoy my property?

  • Is Pacaso a timeshare or fractional company?

  • Is co-ownership new to the property market?

  • Is Pacaso the same as a Tenancy in Common?

  • What monthly costs will I have to pay as a Pacaso owner?

  • Apart from the Pacaso app, what services does Pacaso provide after the sale is closed?

  • Can owners rent out their time on Airbnb or similar sites?

  • Does Pacaso manage each home directly?

  • Who furnishes the home?

  • What if one of my co-owners misses a payment, or gets behind on their bills?

  • What if another owner damages the home?

  • What if I want to sell my ownership interest in the home?

  • Does my share increase in value if the home appreciates in value?

  • Can I keep personal items at my home?

  • Can I bring pets to the home?

  • What Pacaso policies must owners adhere to?

  • Who will be responsible for lawn and home maintenance?

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