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Published Date: February 23, 2023

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At Pacaso, we strive to make second homes possible for more people. Our new program, PacasoNow, enables you to enjoy a second home at a much lower upfront cost and offers added flexibility as an owner. 

Enjoy now, pay later

PacasoNow is a payment plan from Pacaso that lets you start owning a Pacaso home with just a 5% down payment. For less than the cost of a comparable luxury vacation rental, you get the complete Pacaso ownership experience, including easy scheduling, professional interior design, dedicated property management and luxury home amenities. 

"With Pacaso, no stone is left unturned. The details are so well thought out that you know your investment is solid. It’s impossible to beat coming home to an amazing first-class home in a great location with all the amenities. It takes the pressure off of travel and makes for a seamless vacation every time."(Gary, PacasoNow buyer)

PacasoNow is offered on eligible homes in some of our most sought-after second home markets, including Napa, Miami, Lake Tahoe, Hilton Head Island, Newport Beach and Park City.As part of PacasoNow, you simply pay an all-inclusive 12-month ownership fee in addition to your initial down payment that covers the operating expenses for the share of your home.

More flexibility, less commitment

So, what happens after 12 months of ownership? You have three flexible options at the end of your term:
  1. Complete. Roll your initial 5% toward your Pacaso purchase and complete the remaining down payment (for example, 25% after your initial 5% down) — no extra fees or closing period. 
  2. Transfer. If you find another Pacaso that better meets your needs, you can use Pacaso Home Transfer Benefit to transfer your initial 5% down payment and complete your purchase on that home. 
  3. Walk away. No longer interested in owning? You can opt to return your Pacaso to us with no penalty for the purchase price paid.

Lifetime memories shouldn't wait

It's no secret the current macro environment makes it challenging to purchase a whole second home. PacasoNow, however, offers flexible ownership without the upfront financial cost. You and your family can enjoy a home right away, while you’re saving for a full down payment or simply seeing if ownership is right for you.

"The PacasoNow program is a great way to explore your new home without the pressure of a long-term commitment. We all want to feel confident when buying a second home, and PacasoNow offers just that. It's a great feeling to get to live, feel and breathe the home, and it’s for a simple fee."(Gary, PacasoNow buyer)

Ready to own the second home you've always wanted? Explore eligible listings or check out our PacasoNow FAQs to learn more.

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