How to prepare your home for holiday hosting

Published Date: January 5, 2023

Living room in Vail CO
The holidays are quickly approaching. Are you hosting a celebratory gathering with friends and family in your primary home or second home? In collaboration with our friends at Homecourt, a homecare line by Courteney Cox, we've compiled some tips to upgrade your space this holiday season. Homecourt is a collection of fine fragrance-infused, skincare-inspired, and sustainably designed beauty products for the home. Read on for tips to make your home an inviting space for your guests.

1. Use scent to decorate your home and set the mood

Consider the tone you'd like for your gathering and find ways to bring that desired vibe to life. One way to set the mood is with candles, like these signature autumn-ready fragrances from Homecourt:

Neroli Leaf

A crisp and bright blend of sparkling apple, neroli blossoms, crushed basil leaves and jasmine petals.


A warm, grounding scent of cedarwood smoke, sweet cardamom, cinnamon and white leather.

Cipres Mint

An aromatic blend of invigorating green herbs steeped with sugar and a touch of crisp citrus and earthy woods.

Steeped Rose

An unadulterated floral fragrance that captures the uplifting character of its namesake. Instantly fill your space with dozens of freshly cut roses — stems, thorns and all.
Add warmth and mood to your home with candles. Consider putting together a modern tablescape lined with Homecourt candles and fresh flowers to provide ambient lighting and an alluring scent.

2. Add cozy touches

Make your space inviting for both yourself and guests. Put out comfy blankets and soft throws to create an environment of comfort and relaxation after a long day of skiing, surfing or hiking. There's no better way to enjoy time with your family and friends than when everyone feels at home.

3. Upgrade your essentials

Give your guests an elevated experience in your home with upgraded essentials. From decadent hand wash and hand cream in your guest bathroom to the finishing touches of a luxurious counter spray, the little things make all the difference.And if you're attending a holiday gathering: don't forget the hostess gift!  
With in-home amenities, a variety of family-friendly features and inviting living spaces, each Pacaso home is designed to facilitate memorable family moments without any hassle. Pacaso creates best-in-class second homes, making it easier for families to spend quality time together and build  traditions and memories in their favorite destination this holiday season.

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