4 reasons to sell part of your second home this season

Published Date: January 6, 2023

modern home with grass and pool
This is the perfect time to enjoy your second home – long winter nights, cozy fires, and special time with family.So why would you sell part of your second home to Pacaso? Because our co-ownership model empowers you to “right size” ownership, keeping up to half of your home, while gaining liquidity and distributing costs with vetted co-owners. Here are four great reasons to list a share of your second home. 

’Tis a record season for second homes

Our new Second Home Sentiment Report shows more people are interested in second homes than ever. More than half of those surveyed (55.7%) say they want to own a second home, up from 46.4% the previous year.  Interest is turning into action across the country. Increased demand for second homes outpaced the demand for primary homes by 50% — an impressive statistic given the hot market for primary homes. Pair a hot market with colder weather, and you can see the temperature is right for selling shares of your second home.  The process is simple: Pacaso purchases your home outright and retitles it into a property-specific LLC with eight equal ownership interests. You can retain the amount of ownership that meets your needs, up to 50%, and Pacaso will find buyers for the rest. Costs are shared, fees are low, and all Pacasos are professionally managed. 

Your home is on someone’s wishlist

Second-home dreams know exactly what they want, and your home could be it. Our Second Home Sentiment Report found they prefer modern (27.9%) and rustic (26.8%) designs. And when it comes to location, homes near a beach or lake top of their list Mountain homes ranked third, followed by country and ranch locations. With Pacaso’s co-ownership model, you can give buyers exactly what they’re looking for while keeping the home you love. 

2021 resolution: de-stress

Second home ownership can be a source of great joy, but it also comes with some pretty big stressors: the cost of maintaining the property, the pressure to use it whenever possible, and the responsibility of dealing with things that go wrong. Enter Pacaso’s modern co-ownership structure. We offer turnkey second homes that are professionally designed, maintained and managed. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your second home without the stress. 

Give yourself a present: a second Pacaso!

What’s better than co-owning one second home? Co-owning two Pacasos! With all the money you save by right-sizing your current second home and cutting down on costs, you can share another beautiful Pacaso in a different location. Check out our current listings to see what could be in store for you. Ready to take the next step? Find out more about what we look for in a Pacaso.

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