How Brendan Wallace found his dream home in London’s posh Mayfair district

Published Date: January 5, 2023

A street view of homes in London's Mayfair neighborhood.
As a Californian who frequently travels to London for business, Fifth Wall co-founder Brendan Wallace was ready to purchase a home in the UK capital. But the available inventory in this prime real estate market fell short of his expectations. "I looked at a lot of homes, but they weren't exactly what I wanted," said Brendan. However, he finally found his London retreat when he toured a stunning two-story Pacaso penthouse in the heart of Mayfair. The charming London neighborhood boasts some of the city's best restaurants, activities and member's clubs — and the penthouse surpassed his expectations. 

Buying abroad made simple

Because his firm Fifth Wall is an investor of Pacaso, Brendan knew the company well, but had yet to truly experience it firsthand. "I love the concept so much that in addition to investing, I actually wanted to buy a property myself," explained Brendan. He appreciated the technology behind the innovative model from an investment perspective, but purchasing a Pacaso of his own gave Brendan an even more personal appreciation for the business. "As a U.S. citizen buying a home in Europe, there's a lot of complications," said Brendan. "One of the things I liked about Pacaso was it felt like I was buying a home in Miami or New York. The team took the time to explain everything, and it was really easy. They had selected the property, they had redecorated the property, and everything was working."  

Bringing the outside in 

In addition to having the guesswork and complications removed, Brendan also increased his buying power. With Pacaso, he was able to purchase a more spacious home that had the amenities he was looking for including ample outdoor space, a rarity in central London. "I was able to get a home that was much larger for the same price than I would have otherwise bought," Brendan shared. 

Just a carry-on bag away 

Another perk for Brendon is that he can leave his things in his personal storage unit, and Pacaso provides the other essentials that he might need like toiletries and kitchen utensils. "When you're traveling and staying in a hotel, you're taking all your stuff with you, and you are constantly packing and unpacking," said Brendan. "With Pacaso, the stuff that makes a space feel like home is there."

Comfort and flexibility 

For an on-the-go traveler like Brendan, Pacaso's Home Transfer Benefit is another standout. If he decides that the home isn't a perfect fit or if work suddenly takes him to a new locale, Brendan likes having the option to transfer his ownership to somewhere else without having to relist his current Pacaso. "The transfer benefit gave me comfort in having that flexibility, knowing that I can always transfer into another home should one come along that might feel like an even better decision," explained Brendan. "I just can’t say enough great things about Pacaso!"Watch the video and hear more from Brendan Wallace about why Pacaso is the best way to buy and enjoy a luxury second home.

Fancy a home of your own in London?

Pacaso makes purchasing a home abroad simple and seamless. Explore our London properties and consider buying a home in the UK capital  — especially with the favorable exchange rate. Or, check out our co-ownership listings in other top destinations.. 

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