Five core values guide Pacaso’s leadership and Crew

Published Date: January 5, 2023

At Pacaso, we’re committed to building a customer-centric organization that puts our Crew first. We are developing a culture where Crew members can do the best work of their careers, support one another, and create a culture of positivity and high achievement. And as in any great company, commitment must start at the top. 

“As CEO, my primary job is to recruit, engage and retain top talent,” said Austin Allison. “I am passionate about the people behind the company, about enriching their lives … just like we are on a mission to enrich lives of Pacaso owners.” 

Our commitment is evident in the company’s core values: 
  • Embrace an infinite mindset (CUSTOMER & MISSION) We are driven by our long-term mission and the continuous opportunities to make the lives of our customers and Crew better in as many ways as possible.
  • Communicate constantly (COMMUNICATION) We paint a clear target, and constantly keep others updated on key developments (good or bad). Be transparent at all times.  
  • Act with agility (AGILITY) We maintain enormous flexibility on how to best achieve the desired outcome.
  • Row together (TEAMWORK) We work together, and accomplish more, as a supportive and positive team. 
  • Empty the dishwasher (OWN IT) When we encounter an unmet need, we step up and own it.

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