How a couple bought a second home in their ‘favorite place in the world’

Published Date: January 6, 2023

Lake Tahoe views
Linda and Craig had been looking for a second home in one of their favorite places in the world: Lake Tahoe. After losing out on some of the more affordable whole homes in the area due to demand, the couple came across Pacaso. The idea of co-ownership wasn’t unfamiliar to them — Craig had experience with co-owning planes — so they could see how it would make sense for second homes. As much as they loved Tahoe, Linda and Craig were unsure if they would use a second home enough to justify buying one on their own. Pacaso’s co-ownership model, however, offered the right amount of time for their needs.

A home for loved ones 

The Bay Area couple knew they wanted a second home that felt like it was “totally their own.”“When we went up to Lake Tahoe, we’d always look at homes for sale,” Linda said. She and Craig regularly stayed at vacation rentals but were interested in something more permanent and reliable. “We like to invite other people. During one of the last times we rented, we chose a bigger home so that we could have our son, his wife and our younger daughter with us.” A second home they could enjoy with loved ones was a priority, and their Pacaso meets that need perfectly. “With Pacaso, we know where we’re going to go,” Linda said. “We know the home is high quality, we know we’re going to enjoy being there and we know it has enough room. I love knowing that we’ll always have the space to invite others.”They were initially uncertain about whether they would be able to schedule time to use their home when they wanted it. However, they soon learned that they could book stays at their Pacaso during important times — even ski season, their favorite time to visit.
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Beyond their expectations

In addition to being in their favorite destination, co-ownership enabled Linda and Craig to choose a beautiful, spacious home without having to compromise. “We were just reminded that this was way better than what we could have done ourselves,” said Craig. “This home is grand ... I like that the Pacaso team takes a lot of the work out of it.”Like every Pacaso, Linda and Craig’s second home is fully furnished with amenities, decor and accessories. Recalling their first stay, Linda said, “It exceeded our expectations. It was just like I remembered, but then there were also little extra things.” She added, “We invited another family up with us, and I was so happy getting to putz around the kitchen and cook something for everyone.”In addition, the Pacaso has two of the couple’s non-negotiables: a hot tub and plenty of space for their dog, Fern.
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It feels like home

As if having their ideal home in a dream destination wasn’t enough, Linda and Craig are also excited to explore South Lake Tahoe, an area they haven’t spent as much time in. A ski resort, ice skating rink and a movie theater are easily within reach. “Now, it’s our neighborhood.”Linda and Craig see their second home as something special — just as special as their primary home. Their son even said to them, “You’re not supposed to have a fancier vacation home than your own home!” Linda’s response was a resounding “Why not?!’”

Make Tahoe your second home

Pacaso puts second home ownership within reach, with listings in Lake Tahoe and other desirable destinations. Check out our co-ownership listings in Lake Tahoe, and find your dream home.

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