Momcation guide: 12 destinations + planning tips for all caregivers

Published Date: January 5, 2023

A photo of a mom resting on a beach-side hammock while enjoying their momcation.
What is a momcation?
A momcation is a stress-relieving vacation for moms, parents and caregivers who deserve a break from their familial responsibilities.
You know what they say — moms know best. Their daily dose of care and attentiveness can keep an entire family happy, healthy and asleep by bedtime. It seems like the only thing moms don’t know is when to take a break. Being a mom or parent is a full-time job. That’s where a “momcation” comes in. Per the name, it's a relaxing vacation for moms — and well, any parent or caregiver — who deserve and need to get away from it all.Whether you’re a new mom, a hardworking single parent or a seasoned caregiver, you can easily turn a weekend getaway to a beach house or second home into a personal vacation (without the family). Read our guide on how to plan the perfect momcation for any parent and discover the top 12 places to go when you need a break. 

Why should you take a momcation? 

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Effective momcations result in parents returning to their families refreshed, recharged and ready to be the best version of themselves. Although there doesn't have to be a specific reason to take a break, here are some common motivating factors for booking a momcation:
  • To prioritize self-care by nurturing the state of your mental health. Lead by example and inspire your family to prioritize their own inner well-being, manage their stress levels and explore new methods of self-discovery.
  • To rediscover yourself after putting everyone’s needs above your own. Indulge in all the things you have set aside or discover an entirely new version of yourself to debut when you return home.
  • To celebrate your journey of parenthood thus far. Have your children reached an important milestone? You played an integral role in that success and deserve to rest.
Some of you have been there and done that, got the momcation shirt about it (it’s a thing!), but for those who haven't, get to know our top planning tips before packing your bags and heading to the most dreamy destinations for momcations, dadcations and any parent getaways. 

8 tips for planning a mom’s (or parent's) getaway

An image illustrates the common stressors of planning a momcation.
For moms and other caregivers to truly be present during their break from parenthood, they should thoughtfully address and account for their fears and stressors before embarking on their trip.Momcations can last a couple days or a couple weeks and are ideal for parents with children of all ages. Here are a few momcation ideas and best practices to help you plan for a getaway of your own.

1. Prepare the family for your momcation 

Set your family up for success while you are on your vacation. Some moms, parents and caregivers may find creating a daily schedule helpful. Be proactive in your approach and attempt to mitigate any potential risks related to your absence.The goal is for your family to remain independent during the length of your momcation. Answer any questions they may have now and clarify that communication will be limited while on your getaway.

2. Invite your friends (optional)

Every mom has a different way of melting the stress away. For some, a good book and a quiet beach do the trick. For others, nothing beats a night out on the town with their best friends by their side.Take some time to consider your wishes and let your friends know how they can support your vacation dreams.

3. Go somewhere you’ve never been before

Now is the perfect opportunity to use those miles you’ve been saving. Bearing no one else’s needs in mind, enjoy a first class seat to a luxury destination of your choosing. When planning your momcation, put yourself first. Don't stress about things like a family-friendly vacation home or your partner's taste in food — this is a trip for you.

4. Indulge in luxury amenities

Whether you're searching for a weekend getaway nearby or considering purchasing a second home for routine getaways, make luxury amenities a priority.Without kids, partners and pets, you can enjoy amenities like home gyms and plunge pools to their fullest potential.

5. Take advantage of being alone

Once you have arrived to your momcation destination, take advantage of the fact that you are responsible for only one person during this trip: you.Do the little things that being a parent keeps you from doing like taking a midday nap or enjoying an extended happy hour on the beach. 

6. Find a moment of stillness

From getting the kids dressed in the morning to tucking them in at night, moms are constantly in motion. That is why one of the best momcation ideas is to find a moment of stillness during your trip.This can be taking a meditation class, booking a spa treatment or simply sitting alone and reflecting. Revel in your alone time and show gratitude for having no other responsibilities other than rest and relaxation.

7. Spend time in nature

Venturing to the great outdoors can be a challenge when the whole family is involved. Alone, however, it can be an extremely cathartic experience that you shouldn't skip.Spending time in nature can look like eating dinner on your private lanai, doing yoga on the beach, or hiking through mountain trails. However you choose to connect with nature, try to let go of any lingering stress during the adventure.

8. Create an exit strategy

Having a hypothetical backup plan can put some moms at ease knowing they are still prepared if disaster strikes. Exit strategies are for emergencies only and you should create one with the goal of never needing it.If peace of mind is what you need to enjoy your momcation, create multiple plans of action that your family can utilize before calling you as their last resort.

The top 12 places for moms (or parents) who need a break

From white sandy beaches to the European countryside and cities that never sleep — when you need a break, there is a destination for every kind of momcation you can imagine.

1. Malibu, California

A photo of Malibu, California serves as inspiration for a momcation.
Only an hour from Los Angeles, Malibu, California, offers a wide array of fine dining establishments (complete stunning views of the Pacific Ocean) and luxury spa options to help moms relax and unwind.This parent-approved destination is ideal for anyone hoping to rub elbows with California’s celebrities while sipping cocktails by the beach or embarking on one of Malibu’s many hidden gem hikes.

2. Los Cabos, Mexico

A photo of Los Cabos, Mexico serves as inspiration for a momcation.
If cultural immersion is high on your priority list, but you don’t want to venture too far from your family, Mexico is the place for you. Los Cabos, Mexico, is a seaside town on the tip of the Baja peninsula.This destination blends relaxed beach vibes with luxury amenities like charter boats and golf courses to create the ultimate getaway experience. The nightlife is never lacking in Los Cabos — and it's only a short plane ride home.

3. Maui, Hawai’i

A photo of Maui, Hawai’i serves as inspiration for a momcation.
The Hawaiian islands are home to some of the most beautiful flora and fauna in the world, and Maui is no exception. From black sand beaches to whale watching and an unbeatable sunset, Maui, Hawai’i, is a momcation destination full of adventure and tropical bliss.Foodies will feel right at home on this tropical island famed for restaurants that capitalize on freshness and panoramic ocean views. Snorkeling and volcano hiking are also fun things to do on the Valley Isle.

4. Miami Beach, Florida

A photo of Miami Beach, Florida serves as inspiration for a momcation.
As far as American vacations are concerned, it is hard to compare against the subtropical climate and decadent culture of Miami Beach, FloridaTake a mom’s trip to this postcard of a city. Soak up the sun while enjoying Florida’s fusion cuisine, or play volleyball on the stretch of white sand. Take a day trip into the Florida Keys or venture out into the Caribbean if time permits.

5. Cape Cod, Massachusetts  

A photo of Cape Cod, Massachusetts serves as inspiration for a momcation. 
Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is bursting with New England charm. One day, you're enjoying Martha’s Vineyard, the next, you're exploring the dramatic coastline.In between island hopping and beach bumming, get your fill of freshly caught lobster. It pairs well with the local wine selection and craft brews.

6. New York City, New York

A photo of New York City, New York serves as inspiration for a momcation. 
New York City, New York, is an ideal location for an adults-only second home retreat. Indulge in all of the best parts of being alone while exploring the Big Apple. Take yourself to a Michelin Star restaurant or curl up with your favorite book at Central Park. Before you leave, stroll down Fifth Avenue’s shops and browse through luxury stores to your heart’s content.

7. Aspen, Colorado 

A photo of Aspen, Colorado serves as inspiration for a momcation. 
If warm and cozy vibes are what your soul is looking for, then Aspen, Colorado, is where you need to be. This vacation destination is perfect for moms and caregivers who crave sleep and alone time.Wake up to a morning coffee overlooking the Aspen's autumn colors, or visit in the winter to enjoy hot spring dips and skiing on a blanket of snow.

8. Napa Valley, California

A photo of Napa Valley, California serves as inspiration for a momcation. 
You can find art, wine and relaxation in copious amounts whenever you take a momcation to Napa Valley, California, and the gorgeous vineyard setting alone is enough to melt the stress away.Not a fan of wine? Hot air balloon rides and themed dinner trains are some of the best things to do in Napa Valley. Like any luxury destination, you will also find plenty of spas, fine dining establishments and celebrities roaming around the valley.

9. Marbella, Spain

A photo of Marbella, Spain serves as inspiration for a momcation. 
Are you ready and able to travel to the land of fairy tales and flamenco? Located along the Mediterranean is Marbella, Spain, a charming Spanish town that truly has it all. Enjoy year-round sunshine in Southern Spain, complete with a few dozen beaches, golf clubs and wineries. For the ultimate luxury getaway, choose from one of the many exclusive beach clubs in Marbella.

10. Bali, Indonesia 

A photo of Bali, Indonesia serves as inspiration for a momcation. 
Few places compare to the breathtaking landscapes of Bali, Indonesia. The island has rapidly developed into vacation central and boasts some of the dreamiest amenities available.Farm-to-table freshness is a normal encounter at local eateries, and the beaches are the perfect place to try a new water sport or set sail towards adventure. Although maintaining a vacation home from afar can seem challenging, Bali makes it worth it.

11. London, United Kingdom

A photo of London, United Kingdom serves as inspiration for a momcation.
From day trips to the English countryside to pub crawls by Big Ben, London, U.K., is a tantalizing backdrop for any momcation. Bear in mind that a second home in London also grants you easy access to the rest of Europe. France and Spain are short ferry rides away when you call London your home away from home. With the British pound at an all time low, now is a great time to consider investing in a second home that doubles as a momcation retreat. 

12. Las Vegas, Nevada

A photo of Las Vegas, Nevada serves as inspiration for a momcation. 
Las Vegas, Nevada, is known as Sin City due to its plethora of bars, clubs and non-stop nightlife. It is one of the most inclusive momcation packages around and ideal for any mom that needs to let loose and dance the night away.Owning a second home near Vegas also means you are a short drive away from the natural beauty of Southern California and the Pacific Ocean. Considering if you should buy or rent your next vacation home? Read our comparison guide to learn which option is best for you.While waiting for your getaway to arrive, learn how to curate a tranquil space just for parents within your own home. This could be the perfect place to continue fine-tuning the details of your dream getaway or scout for a second home.

Momcation FAQs

Why do moms and caregivers need to get away?

Momcations allow partners to enjoy quality time with children, while moms, dads and caregivers destress away from their responsibilities and get awarded the opportunity to return fully refreshed.

Should I go on my momcation alone?

Momcations can be a solo or group venture. The most important factor of a momcation is that the children and partners are kept out of the equation so you can focus on relaxing and having fun without tending to anyone’s needs.

Plus, there are plenty of things for moms to do alone whenever you visit a luxury destination. Strolling through wineries, napping on beaches and being tucked away into a mountainside are a few of your limitless options.

How long are momcations supposed to be?

A momcation can be a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Each family should determine the length of a momcation together and must always result in parents feeling rejuvenated.

Some momcation packages are perfect for a weekend getaway with (or without) your friends. On the other hand, owning your own vacation home means spending as much time as you need in your happy place.

Is it okay to sleep all day during momcations?

Yes, it is 100% okay to take a momcation centered around sleep. Sleep is a luxury of its own that some mom, dads and caregivers  go far too long without. 

How often should I go on a momcation?

Feel inclined to take a momcation as often as you need. If you plan on making momcations a regular occurrence in your life, consider renting, buying or co-owning a second home.

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