Top amenities and features for second home buyers

Published Date: January 5, 2023

We’ve rounded up some of the most important amenities and features to look out for when choosing a second home. After all, a second home should offer not only the things you use every day but also the luxuries that allow you to fully enjoy your time away.  Each Pacaso is fully equipped with practical things like pots, pans and pantry basics, plus carefully curated amenities like designer interior furnishing and accessories. Every detail is chosen for the comfort of you and your guests.Here are some of the most sought-after elements of a second home. 

Location, location, location

One of the major factors when choosing a second home is its location. Fancy a round of golf or a sunrise swim on the beach? The location of your holiday home is just as important as what’s inside. Take this into consideration to ensure you’re never far from the things that matter to you.

A pool

In most vacation destinations, a pool is a staple that shouldn’t be overlooked, and one that will surely delight everyone. After all, what is better than slipping into cool waters on a balmy afternoon?

A dream kitchen

Kitchens are at the heart of any home, so look for a second home kitchen that’s well designed and well stocked — whether you like to cook or be cooked for. You’ll want a kitchen that has room to not only cook but space for gathering with family and friends. Pacaso kitchens have three different coffee machines, Le Creuset pots and pans, a full range of serving and tableware, plus everything you need to bake, fry, simmer and grill. 

A view to inspire

Everyone’s dream home is different, but high on everybody’s wish list is a great view, be it beach, mountain or vineyard. Inspiring views are a defining feature in many Pacaso homes, accentuated by broad balconies, lush terraces and large windows. 

Idyllic interiors

Your holiday home is your sanctuary away from the real world. To help you fully unwind, opt for a home with a calming atmosphere and thoughtful interiors. Every Pacaso home is curated by an interior designer, using a colour scheme, artwork and furnishings that suit the surroundings. 

Dedicated workspace

There’s no denying that Covid has changed the way we work. In many cases, office days are no longer viable, so it’s important to have a dedicated space even while on holiday.  Many Pacaso homes have an allocated office area equipped with a desk, good lighting and fast Wi-Fi connection (that is available throughout the whole house). 

Games room

Vacations are for relaxing and blowing off steam, so it’s important for a holiday home to  have a comfortable space to enjoy with family and friends. Whether it’s a competitive game of ping-pong, a card game and a cold beer, or place where children can watch TV whilst you enjoy the sunset, don’t overlook this key feature.

Fitness suite

Enjoying your second home shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on your fitness. That’s why every Pacaso home has a fantastic range of workout equipment and machines to ensure you feel your absolute best while you’re away. 

Dogs are welcome

The only thing better than going on vacation is going with your pup. With so many holiday rentals saying no to pets, it’s reassuring to know that Pacaso lets owners bring up to two dogs. Certified assistance animals are also allowed.  

Our essentials

Every Pacaso home is stocked with 200+ essential items, from  pantry supplies to luxurious cotton linen bedding and towels. Each home also has the less glamorous but  important bits like a tool kit, first-aid kit, spare light bulbs and an iron.  The ideal home away from home includes the big things and  the small details, and we’ve got them all covered. Find a Pacaso holiday home that’s right for you. 

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