23 Airbnb alternatives to consider for your next vacation

Published Date: February 12, 2024

A luxury living space by the sea, possibly in an Airbnb alternative.
Not finding the right short-term rental for your next vacation on Airbnb? Don’t worry — the best Airbnb alternative is only a click away. Whether you’re looking for a perfect place to take the family, a romantic weekend getaway, or a second home, there’s an alternative to Airbnb that’s right for you.Check out our list of alternatives to Airbnb before you book your next vacation:

1. Pacaso 

Best for: Those who love returning to the same destination
An image of the Pacaso logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Pacaso differs from the other Airbnb competitors on this list by offering travelers co-ownership of their very own second home. Rather than stressing over research and wasting money on vacation rentals or hotels, you will instead own a home you and your family can return to throughout the year and enjoy a luxury experience each time.Pacaso is also a great alternative to a timeshare; it works by offering up to eight shares in a property. Co-owners can choose the amount of ownership that’s right for them and schedule exclusive stays in their home using the Pacaso app. Pacaso acts as the property manager, taking care of the interior design, furnishings, cleaning, bill paying and maintenance while owners simply show up and enjoy their home.Co-ownership helps buyers afford luxury amenities in turnkey second homes that are never rented out. Since owners have equity in the house, they also have the option to sell their home in the future. 
Turnkey luxury properties in more than 40 world-class destinationsOwners have a fixed travel destination
Benefits of real estate ownership
Opportunity to own a second home for less cost 
Hassle-free property management
Consistent experience and service
Second home community


Best for: Those who want an experience much like Airbnb 
An image of the VRBO logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Like Airbnb, Vrbo is one of the first sites to give property owners a marketplace to connect with travelers — the name comes from "vacation rental by owner." Despite being early to the table, Vrbo’s 2 million rentals lag behind Airbnb’s impressive 7 million listings. The two platforms are very similar regarding the kind of vacation rental properties they offer, and many property owners list on both sites. If you plan to use Airbnb, it’s worth checking Vrbo — you might get the same place for a lower price. Note that Vrbo offers only whole properties, not shared homes.
Comprehensive search toolsInconsistent property owners
Great for a groupComplicated cancellation policies

3. Booking.com

Best for: Those who want an abundance of options
An image of the Booking.com logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Booking.com has been around since 1996 and was originally known for scheduling air travel and hotel accommodations. It now offers short-term housing and apartment rentals. It is becoming a formidable Airbnb competitor in the vacation rental market, with offices in more than 70 countries and over 28 million listings, including hotel rooms. Booking.com charges a higher booking fee — 15% compared to Airbnb’s 3% — and renters will often pay these fees in the form of higher prices. 
Operates in 43 languages and 226 countriesHigher costs on average than Airbnb
Many professionally managed propertiesInconsistent property owners
24/7 customer experience team to answer questions and advocate for guests

4. Hipcamp

Best for: Those who are outdoors enthusiasts 
An image of the Hipcamp logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Hipcamp is like Airbnb for campers, offering a range of campsites that accommodate tents and RVs. It even has camping-adjacent accommodations like treehouses and cabins for those who prefer glamping. Since guests may travel to remote locations, Hipcamp has established standards to ensure safety and privacy. For example, hosts must limit campground occupancy and provide safety warnings for common dangers in the area.  Hipcamp’s search filters allow you to find the perfect spot for your desired activities. So if you want to hike, fish or ride horses, your hunt just got easier. The affordability and convenience make Hipcamp a great option for nature lovers. 
AffordableLimited listings
Wide range of camping options

5. Marriott Homes and Villas

Best for: Those who enjoy a hotel-like experience
An image of the Marriott Homes and Villas logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Managing expectations is one of the most challenging factors when staying at independent vacation homes. Hotel chains can deliver on cookie-cutter expectations but often lack the personal touch. Marriott entered the vacation rental market by offering units backed by their trusted brand. Travelers can find beach bungalows, townhouses, penthouses and more. The inventory is still growing — currently about 60,000 listings — but it has something most other alternatives to Airbnb don’t: a rewards program. Travelers can earn and redeem points for discounted stays in the future with a Marriott Bonvoy account.
Rewards programLimited catalog
Consistent amenities 

6. Hopper Homes

Best for: Those who are okay with booking last minute
An image of the Hopper Homes logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Hopper began as a travel booking service but recently launched a vacation rental program. And it’s off to a strong start, with over 2 million listings worldwide. Hopper Homes uses professional property managers to ensure high-quality rentals. The streamlined app-only interface is convenient to use, with fewer distractions than many other platforms. Travelers can book their stay instantly rather than waiting for approval and receive flexible cancellation policies. Hopper has its own rewards program in the works, Carrot Cash, to help customers save even more money while traveling.
Rewards programLimited catalog
Last-minute deals

7. Plum Guide

Best for: Those looking to splurge on a rental
An image of the Plum Guide logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Plum Guide hosts luxury travel accommodations vetted by experts. The site is a great Airbnb alternative for travel in North America and Europe. Plum Guide  only lists the top 3% of rentals in any given destination, weeding out less desirable options. It has a thorough vetting process, testing properties against 150 criteria — even water pressure. Expect to pay more than the average vacation rental, but the price may be worth it if you value the luxury vacation experience. Plum Guide does offer price matching, just in case you see the same rental listed for less on another platform.
Curated list of high-end rentalsHigh prices
Guarantee the rental will be as advertised

8. Agoda 

Best for: Those traveling to Asia
An image of the Agoda logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Agoda is the go-to Airbnb competitor for the Asian market, although it operates on other continents, too. It has 9 million listings that include hotels, homes and hostels. Like other Airbnb competitors, Agoda only offers whole-unit rentals but also emphasizes making accommodations affordable. You can receive a discount for being a solo traveler and find other discounts through a “secret deals” feature. Agoda’s website and app operate in 38 languages, with customer care in 16. While travel booking sites have moved into the rental property industry, Agoda performed a reverse migration. In 2019, the site launched a flight aggregator to compare hundreds of sites at once.   
Frequent booking discountsInconsistent property owners
Large inventory

9. Homestayin

Best for: Those who want to stay with a local host
An image of the Homestayin logo, an Airbnb alternative.
When you travel, do you value cultural immersion above all else? Homestayin delivers by placing you in a room in a host’s house where you can share meals and learn about the area. Homestayin operates in 129 countries with a user-friendly matching tool to help guests and hosts find the perfect fit.It’s an affordable alternative to hotels while being a step up from the typical hostel. Homestayin is available for short- and long-term rentals, appealing to backpackers and students alike.  
Ideal for solo travelersLack of privacy
Affordable accommodations
Immersive experience

10. Sonder

Best for: Those who enjoy multi-unit city living
An image of the Sonder logo, an Airbnb alternative.
If you’re looking for a service like Airbnb that retains the comforts of a hotel, check out Sonder. The company owns or leases all of its listings, so you won’t deal with private owners or shared spaces. Compared to Airbnb, Sonder also aims to keep their service accessible and affordable. They operate in just 10 countries with approximately 7,300 available listings, so selection is currently limited. Every unit has a full kitchen, mini toiletries and Wi-Fi, making it great for long-term stays. The app allows for contactless check-ins along with requests for clean towels and restaurant recommendations. 
Hotel-level quality standardsLimited listings
24/7 concierge service

11. Blueground

Best for: Those who value a well-designed rental
An image of the Blueground logo, an Airbnb alternative.
If you’re living the digital nomad life, Blueground offers fully furnished living spaces to people planning on spending one month or more in a given area. While it doesn’t own the listings, Blueground hand-picks its properties and takes care of the interior design. With that in mind, you can be certain Blueground’s over 12,000 rentals in 30 cities will maintain a defined level of quality. Since these are long-term rentals, apartments have smart home entertainment, kitchenware, toiletries and a workspace. 
Flexible long-term staysNot ideal for short getaways
Fully furnished

12. Onefinestay

Best for: Those who want a fully vetted stay
An image of the Onefinestay logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Onefinestay, like Plum Guide, focuses on listing quality over quantity. It tests accommodations by having a team member stay at each potential property.All of the listings are whole units, so you won’t share the property with other travelers or the owner. The accommodations include houses, chalets and luxury villas, giving you the personal touch missing from hotels while delivering professional property management. 
Luxury amenitiesExpensive compared to other Airbnb competitors
Carefully vetted listings

13. 9flats

Best for: Those searching for an aggregator
An image of the 9flats logo, an Airbnb alternative.
9flats is a German-based company with over 6 million listings. It’s a European competitor to Airbnb, with rentals ranging from guest houses to villas. Travelers can even rent a private room to cut down on the cost of renting a whole apartment.  It works like an aggregator for other travel sites, so if you have issues with the interfaces of the other big names, 9flats might be more your style. It offers features like instant booking and advertises the maximum occupancy of every listing on the results page for quick scanning. 
Instant bookingNo unique listings
Scannable search results

14. FlipKey

Best for: Those searching for specific amenities 
An image of the FlipKey logo, an Airbnb alternative.
FlipKey is part of Tripadvisor and benefits from its large catalog of user reviews. FlipKey improves upon Tripadvisor’s service by having more functional search tools to find specific amenities. Travelers can search for gardens, fireplaces and even nearby walking trips.While solo travelers can use FlipKey, it is ideal for groups. Finding a place big enough for a group can be challenging on other sites. FlipKey is facing the problem head-on. 
Easily search for amenitiesInconsistent property owners
Tripadvisor user reviews

15. Glamping Hub

Best for: Those who crave a unique stay
An image of the Glamping Hub logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Glamping Hub is another Airbnb competitor that specializes in connecting travelers with the great outdoors to promote more sustainable tourism. It has over 35,000 accommodations, including tents, treehouses, yurts and more. Like Airbnb, Glamping Hub is only a booking platform, so you’ll still depend on the property owner to deliver the rental as advertised. Glamping Hub allows you to filter through listings based on the type of building, cost and features, so you’ll have as rustic or luxurious an experience as you’d like. 
Unique propertiesInconsistent property owners
Safe booking system

16. ThirdHome

Best for: Those who enjoy travel clubs
An image of the ThirdHome logo, an Airbnb alternative.
ThirdHome is another luxury vacation home provider, but it takes exclusivity to another level. This is a travel club that allows members to exchange stays at second homes all over the world. In return for offering stays in your home, you’ll receive credits for stays at other members’ homes.To qualify, your second home must be worth at least $500,000, in a desirable location and well-maintained. This niche marketplace has 14,000 options, including entire estates and yachts. While you won’t pay a rental fee, Thirdhome does charge a booking fee that ranges between $495 and $1,395 per week. 
Luxury amenitiesMust own a luxury second home
Exclusive membership
More affordable than comparable listings on other Airbnb alternatives

17. Outdoorsy

Best for: Those going on a road trip
An image of the Outdoorsy logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Outdoorsy is an RV rental marketplace for those seeking unique outdoor accommodation experiences. Users can rent or list campervans, motorhomes and travel trailers. Users can find and rent one of their RV listings in 14 countries across the globe and join their network of over 1 million customers since the company began in 2015. They also offer comprehensive insurance coverage options and 24/7 roadside assistance plans, ensuring a secure rental process and peace of mind.
Unique outdoor experiencesOnly RVs are available
Comprehensive insurance coverage

18. Wimdu

Best for: Those who plan to use public transportation
An image of the Wimdu logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Wimdu is one of the many websites like Airbnb with listings currently available in 20 countries. Most of their units are located within large cities, and the site has options ranging from hotel rooms to entire apartments and even houseboats.Users can choose from an array of filter options to search by distance to the city center (which is great for public transportation users), average ratings, amenities and price. They also have several pet-friendly listings and cater to families as well as solo travelers and couples. 
Wide selection for all budgetsLittle to no listings outside of cities
Abundant search and filter optionsOnly available in 20 countries

19. Tripadvisor Vacation Rentals

Best for: Those who value reviews
An image of the TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Tripadvisor claims to be the world’s largest travel community and has vacation rental listings in over 200 countries. From island villas to big-city condos, Tripadvisor offers a wide range of accommodation options.Tripadvisor taps into its deep reservoir of user-generated travel recommendations and reviews, so users get local recommendations on where to eat, the best excursions and more.
Users have access to one of the largest travel review resources availableUser interface may be overwhelming
Transparent reviews

20. Expedia Vacation Rentals

Best for: Those looking for a one-stop travel shop
An image of the Expedia Vacation Rentals logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Expedia Vacation Rentals is an online platform, similar to Tripadvisor, that provides listings from all over the world. Its comprehensive search filters enable travelers to find accommodations that suit their specific preferences, ranging from cozy cottages to luxurious beachfront condos. Reviews are also abundant here, helping travelers make an informed decision about what to do outside of the accommodation as well, allowing users to seamlessly combine their accommodation bookings with other travel essentials such as flights and car rentals. 
Extensive inventoryOverly complicated search filters
Competitive pricing

21. Vacasa

Best for: Those who want to tour before booking
An image of the Vacasa logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Vacasa acts as a property manager and vacation rental service, handling the booking and maintenance of over 35,000 properties. Vacasa puts technology at the forefront of its operations with AI-powered features and a quality app. Visitors can get a virtual tour of the property, so there will be no surprises upon arrival. The app holds all of the rental details, with instructions on how to operate special features in the home, including WiFi access. 
AI-powered scheduling and pricesLimited options outside of the U.S.
Virtual tours

22. HomeToGo

Best for: Those who want to compare multiple sites at once
An image of the HomeToGo logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Like Airbnb alternative 9flats, HomeToGo is an aggregator for vacation rental units. It searches rental companies like Tripadvisor, Booking.com and Vrbo to provide results that best meet your needs. HomeToGo operates local apps and websites in 25 countries. HomeToGo saves travelers time by allowing them to compare multiple sites in a single place rather than having to set search filters like budget and amenities on multiple sites to find answers. Once you find a rental that you like, you finish booking through the provider’s website. 
Comprehensive search toolsTravelers deal with the pros and cons of the final service they book through
Works for all travel budgets

23. Kid & Coe

Best for: Traveling families
An image of the Kid and Coe logo, an Airbnb alternative.
Since 2013, Kid & Coe has exclusively catered to families searching for short-term vacation rental properties. The platform not only offers rental and hotel listings, but it also has home exchange opportunities as well — appealing to a wide spectrum of budget options for traveling families.Regardless of the accommodation type, each hand-picked listing has a supply of books, toys and child travel essentials awaiting every family in 50 destinations around the world. Visitors can also request cribs and high chairs, ensuring a turnkey experience for every guest.
Turnkey rentals ready for familiesNot be ideal for solo travelers
Homes exchange options available 
When searching for a great vacation property, Airbnb isn’t your only option. And if you’re dreaming of a long-term vacation home, consider becoming a co-owner of a second home. A luxurious Pacaso vacation is professionally decorated and managed, so you can focus on relaxing at your home away from home.
A graphic shares how Pacaso compares against an Airbnb alternative.

Airbnb alternatives FAQ

What is a better alternative to Airbnb?

Travelers looking for alternatives to Airbnb are in luck. Many competitors now offer services in specialized vacation markets that are better than Airbnb’s offerings. Some of the top sites like Airbnb include:

  • Pacaso for luxury vacation home co-ownership
  • Plum Guide for luxury vacation rentals
  • Hipcamp for glamping opportunities
  • Blueground for long-term stays
  • ThirdHome for house swapping

Who is the biggest competitor of Airbnb?

Vrbo is commonly considered Airbnb’s biggest competitor due to the similarity in  services. With the rise in popularity of the vacation rental industry, many new alternatives are giving both Airbnb and Vrbo stiff competition.

Who is bigger: Airbnb or Vrbo?

Airbnb boasts over 7 million listings, compared to 2 million for Vrbo.

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