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    Explore specially selected luxury homes in top destinations. We’ll help you every step of the way to find your perfect fit, and you decide what share of the property you’d like to own.

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    We create a limited company for each property, find qualified owners, and handle sales details. Upon completion, the co-owners own 100% of the home – Pacaso doesn’t retain any share.

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    We take care of furnishings, repairs, utilities and property management – you just show up and relax. Our app and SmartStay technology make arranging your stays easy and fair.

Introducing Pacaso Access

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You want a holiday home, but you haven’t found “the one.” Or maybe your dream Pacaso is already sold out. Pacaso Access gives you a VIP shopping advantage. Step over the velvet rope, and be the first to know about new listings and previously sold-out properties with newly available shares. 

With Pacaso Access, you can shop new listings before they’re available to the general public, receive alerts for coveted resale shares — an exclusive program benefit, and receive a minimum of €2,750 / £1,750 in credit at completion when you’re ready to buy.

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Browse our curated selection of jaw-dropping options – properties in the most desirable locations.

Own the joy

It's time to start living the life you always dreamt of. With Pacaso, you can own a spectacular holiday home for a fraction of the cost and none of the hassles of traditional home ownership. Simple, easy and no catches.

Forget about timeshares

Pacaso HomeResort Timeshare
Property TypeDetached houseHotel/Apartment building
True OwnershipYes, real propertyNo, right-to-use time
UsageOngoing accessFixed week(s)
Resale ApproachMarket pricing; sell on your termsSet pricing; sell with resort

With Pacaso, you own a home, not just a block of time. You can stay throughout the year instead of choosing an annual slot. And when you want to sell? You’ll have exclusive access to a marketplace of active buyers, where you set the price.

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Frequently asked questions

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