Comfort and consistency: How one owner finally found the right second home

Published Date: June 16, 2023

Doug and partner in front of house
Doug had been eyeing second homes in Palm Springs for some time. He and his partner, who both love to travel, have friends in the area so they frequently journeyed from St. Louis, Missouri, to California. While Doug toyed with the idea of a second home, he was concerned about maintenance and the amount of time he could spend in the home. “I’m very efficient cost-wise,” Doug said. “I thought, it’s going to be great when I’m there, but when I’m not there, I’m basically paying for something I’m not using.” The solution? Fully managed co-ownership offered by Pacaso.

A second home without the doubts

For Doug, Pacaso was a much more cost-effective and worry-free option compared to buying a whole second home. “What spoke to me when I saw Pacaso was that I get to own a home that is in my original price range but the property itself is five to six times more expensive and five to six times more impressive than any home I was looking at,” said Doug. Plus, having Pacaso take care of all the maintenance gave Doug the peace of mind he wanted. “There’s a lot of comfort in knowing that someone is taking care of the property when I’m not there.”Doug said his home manager was one of the highlights. “She makes sure everything’s perfect and ready for us when we get there. We literally hit the ground running.”There were some initial concerns about scheduling time in his second home. “The scheduling was my biggest hesitation. So as soon as I could get on that app, I was looking it over with a fine-tooth comb, and it's great,” Doug said. He also appreciates that Pacaso is always innovating its SmartStay™ scheduling technology. “They seem to be constantly improving it.” The ability to easily book and maximize time in his second home was one of Doug’s biggest priorities. 

A place that feels like theirs

Beyond the ease of scheduling time, the feeling of familiarity makes his Pacaso different from a hotel or short-term rental. “With a vacation rental, you’re not used to your own space — you’re getting a different space every time,” said Doug. “And then there’s a lot of personal items around the home that make you feel like you’re invading someone else’s space.”At his Pacaso, Doug feels like a true owner. “I think Pacaso strives to make sure it’s your home. There was a note and a big welcome to your second home. It’s not your one-eighth of a home — everything feels like ours. Everything was where you left it the last visit.”

Time well spent at their Pacaso

Whether cooking meals together or picking up new activities like pickleball, Doug looks forward to creating more memories in this second home. “It's hard to get anybody out of the house. We want to swim all day, the kitchen's fantastic, and there’s tennis and everything.” But it’s not just the amenities of the home that excite Doug. “What we love is it’s close enough to other outdoor activities,” he said. “My niece and nephew came, and they drove to the beach, which is only an hour away. We can go to Disneyland one afternoon. We can go up in the mountains and ski, or get down to San Diego fairly easily. It’s central, giving you many options.”There is something special about having these possibilities. “It gives me options to get out of town, and we have a nice relaxing place to go,” Doug shared. “It gives me the opportunity to entertain and have different groups with us and have good times together.”And for Doug, that’s the joy of being an owner. “It’s the comfort and consistency of knowing what your options are. There's a value to what you hold.”

Make Palm Springs your home away from home

Are you ready to find your desert retreat? When you become a co-owner of a Pacaso home, you enjoy hassle-free ownership at a place that truly feels like home. Check out our co-ownership listings in Palm Springs and other desirable locations.

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