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Published Date: August 2, 2023

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Your holiday home should be easy to enjoy, and that starts with scheduling. Pacaso’s innovative app, powered by our SmartStay technology, is a stress-free scheduling system that makes it quick and easy to plan time to enjoy your property.Imagine waking up on a Wednesday and booking your special retreat for the weekend in real time. Or the peace of mind that comes with securing a special getaway well in advance. Pacaso makes it easy to enjoy the time you want, when you want it. Flexibility is core to a great owner experience, says Pacaso CEO Austin Allison.

“The reality is that people don’t plan every week of their year in advance. Pacaso co-ownership strikes this nice balance of having flexibility while also giving people the certainty to secure dates that are important to them. That’s what Pacaso offers because we want to be reflective of how people actually live and travel.”

SmartStay has its name for a reason — the custom platform is powered by the Pacaso app and doesn’t rely on draft booking or a ranking order to determine dates. Instead, using algorithms and systems to ensure equity, owners can see availability and secure their stay instantly. As a Pacaso co-owner, access to your home is proportionate to your amount of ownership. Owners of a 1/8 share, for instance, can generally expect to have access to 1/8 of the total available calendar time each year. On average, owners tend to stay at their homes about 6-7 times each year, for about a week at a time. Your actual usage may vary from year to year depending on your personal travel preferences.Owners of a 1/8 share can book six general stays at a time, including a “special date," and can enjoy unlimited short-notice stays throughout the year.
  • General stays can be booked up to two years in advance
  • Short-notice stays are booked 2 to 30 days in advance (applies to fully sold homes; for homes with unsold shares, the short-notice booking window is 2 to 7 days) 
Special dates may include school holidays and bank holidays like Easter and Christmas, as well as popular local events (e.g., Holy Week might be a special date for owners of Andalusian Pacaso homes). Owners may hold up to one special date stay per share, and you can lock in your stay up to two years in advance. The SmartStay system also accounts for peak seasons across the year, giving all owners an opportunity to book at least two stays during the most popular travel periods for that region. Peak season booking is staggered across two booking windows, ensuring that every owner has the option to plan and schedule stays at their leisure. Pacaso second homes are never available for rent. Of course, we know that one of the big benefits of having a second home is sharing it with friends and family even when you’re not able to be there, so owners are welcome to extend their homes to their registered guests. If you ever need scheduling assistance, your dedicated Home Manager is available to answer questions or help with any scheduling needs. Want to learn more? Check out our scheduling overview or browse our FAQs.

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