Why owning a Pacaso is "life-changing," according to two current owners

Published Date: December 6, 2023

Living room with modern furnishings and doors that open to a large outdoor space
Wondering whether co-ownership is right for you? Two Pacaso owners discuss what makes a Pacaso is worth it and share their candid thoughts about scheduling stays, hosting gatherings and more. "Yeah, it's probably extreme to say that our Pacaso is life-changing, but it's almost like it is. It's pushed us to take more meaningful vacations as a family. We're invested long term for this house," said Jon, an owner of a Pacaso in Truckee.
"We celebrate almost everything here," said Stacy, owner of a second home in La Quinta. "We just have all the crew come out, and they absolutely love it."With Pacaso, families can co-own a second home without any of the typical hassles and make lasting memories together year-round. Explore our listings today.

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