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Home inspiration: second-home winter wonderlands

Ashley Rappa

When temperatures drop, there’s no better place to hunker down and get cozy than a gorgeous second home. Plus, discover the three essential elements of the ultimate chill retreat.

Winter home must-haves

When you’re searching for a second home to enjoy in the colder seasons, here are three essential elements of any winter wonderland. 

Outdoors from indoors

The windows don’t have to be floor to ceiling, but they do help you enjoy your wintery location from the coziness of your home. 

Listing photo: The Golden Glow

The great wide open

Make sure you have plenty of space to spend those long winter nights. Open-concept design and room for entertaining are key to enjoying your second home to the fullest.

Listing photo: The Chateau

Fire spaces

Who doesn’t love a fireplace in their winter retreat? But why stop there? Just imagine gathering the gang around a blazing fire pit for s’mores amid the snow.

Listing photo: The Chateau

Snowy inspiration

Grab a mug of something warm, because these snowy stunners will surely inspire you to search for your own second home.

The evergreen retreat

Nestled in the pines outside Vail, CO, this modern home’s floor-to-ceiling windows provide unobstructed views of the snowy landscape. The evergreen trim paint outside frames the warm, open-plan interior. 

Snowy Home Vail

Photo credit: Zillow

The Victorian hideout

That round turret-top room is the perfect winter lookout. Imagine building snowpeople on the sprawling lawn, then heading inside to sip hot chocolate in this charming Victorian home.

Photo credit: Nathan Walker, via Unsplash

The spruced-up cabin

What better place to thaw out after a day in the snow? Surrounded by tall trees, this modern take on the classic cabin in Truckee, CA, is ideal for hanging out or hibernating.

Photo credit: Zillow

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