Take a look inside the Lakeside redesign process

Published Date: January 6, 2023

exterior of Lake Tahoe home
A lot goes into designing and furnishing the perfect Pacaso. With every second home, our team of design professionals has one goal: to create luxurious spaces for effortless living.  We thought it would be fun to pull back the curtain on what we do. Join Erin Johns, principal designer for Pacaso and director of furniture and design at Dahlgren Duck, as she walks through key design elements and upgrades to Lakeside on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

On all cylinders 

Walking into Lakeside reveals the home’s most striking design feature: A circular great room with a soaring wood ceiling anchored to a two-story hewn post.Erin’s insight: “Lakeside is a beautifully renovated home that has been recrafted around the original cylindrical structure. The additions to the home were made in a way that complements the original architecture, and the foundational cylinder is still the most prominent feature.”
Pacaso redesigned living room

Points of view

Tahoe is a beautiful natural backdrop for Lakeside’s modern touches. The crystal blue of the famed mountain lake is the centerpiece of almost every room.Erin’s insight: Lakeside’s most impressive characteristic is the stunning view of Lake Tahoe. The close proximity of the water’s edge combined with the elevated vantage point of the house make the view one of the most spectacular on Tahoe. While we did need to make some key functionality changes in this home, we still made sure that every room remained focused on that gorgeous view.”
redesigned bedroom

Living room lounge

What was originally used as a dining space was reimagined as a comfortable, central location for gathering and relaxing. Erin’s insight: One thing that was lacking was a true living space on the main floor to flow with the kitchen and dining area. We maximized the space to the fullest and added furnishings that provide for comfortable lounging around the wood-burning stove and the patio that overlooks the lake. Talk about the perfect spot to rest and recharge after a day on the slopes or on the water!”
redesigned living room with views

Bunk-up upgrade

Dreams are sure to be sweet in this refreshed bedroom. Designed for use by both children and adults, built-in bunks were given a cosmetic upgrade and splashes of color brightened up the space. Erin’s insight: The bunk room on the lower level is such a fun space. The beautifully built-in bunks combined with the addition of a fun and cheerful color palette creates a whimsical environment that kids and grownups alike will appreciate.”
redesigned bunk beds

Outdoor options

Lakeside’s expansive deck and private dock access provide ample opportunity for enjoying the great outdoors, spaces made even more spectacular thanks to the home’s refreshed design. Erin’s insight: My favorite addition to this home is all of the outdoor living space. In the interest of maintaining the focus on Lake Tahoe, we added outdoor dining … the absolutely ideal place to take in the view and appreciate the unmatched beauty.”
redesigned furniture on dock
Learn more about our design philosophy, and take a look at our other professionally designed, curated and fully managed Pacaso listings

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Ashley Rappa

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