Room for everyone, including the dog: Hilton Head Pacaso is just what these buyers wanted

Published Date: June 6, 2023

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Midwest natives Pam and Mike look forward to summers in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, their hometown on the shores of Lake Michigan. With an abundance of sunny days and water as far as you can see, the lakeside city has much to offer. But when the season shifts, the frigid winters can feel awfully long. The couple first visited Hilton Head a few years ago and loved the climate. With mild winter temperatures and warm weather from spring to fall, the barrier island resort community at the southern tip of South Carolina was a welcome escape. After trying out a few vacation rentals in Hilton Head, Pam and Mike decided they wanted something more permanent and started shopping for a second home. Prices were high and inventory was slim, so Pam was surprised when she noticed a big price drop on a Hilton Head home she’d found online. “I called right away, and I got connected with a sales rep at Pacaso. He explained the Pacaso concept, and Mike’s first reaction was, ‘I’m not interested in a timeshare.’ But the Pacaso rep walked us through what it really meant. When it was clear that this was not a timeshare, we were sold,” said Pam. 

True second home ownership

Mike had personal experience with timeshares — his dad owned one in Puerto Vallarta, and he knew he didn’t want to be locked into that type of purchase. “You listen to the radio and hear attorneys talk about getting you out of a timeshare. They’re a losing proposition.”But once he could see that Pacaso was true real estate ownership, Mike felt confident about moving ahead. He and Pam had both worked in banking, and they agreed that any big purchase needed to make good financial sense. Mike said co-ownership offered the right balance of price and access, and gave them more bang for their buck. “We would be able to get a lot more home than if we’d bought a whole home on our own. Being able to use it about 45 days a year for a one-eighth share sounded great as a way to test the waters. Unlike a timeshare, after a year we could put our share on the market if it didn’t work out or we needed to sell. Having that flexibility is key.”In addition to getting more home for less, Mike said Pacaso’s management services were a huge benefit. “We didn’t want to own something but then have to take care of renting it out, dealing with maintenance, cleaning — you name it. That’s a lot of time, effort and expense. The monthly management fee is well worth it for my mental health and having things done right.” The price was right, the home looked ideal, and the couple was ready to move forward — but they hadn’t seen the home in person. Friends in the area toured the home while Pam and Mike joined over video. After the video tour, the friends gave it a thumbs up, saying, “It’s a great spot and a great home, and you’ll love it.” That was enough to convince them to go through with the purchase sight-unseen

A place to entertain 

Fast forward several months, and the couple has enjoyed multiple stays at their Hilton Head home. “We love to entertain, and having the opportunity to share this place with friends and family is awesome,” said Pam. “The ‘wow factor’ is incredible, and we would not have been able to buy a whole home of this size on our own.” They’ve had no trouble securing dates throughout the winter and spring — exactly the time of year when they want to escape the Wisconsin chill — and they’re pleased with the ease and equity of Pacaso’s scheduling app. “We realize we won’t always get every date we want,” said Mike, “but the value of getting a nicer place is the biggest selling point. It’s a really fair balance.”Another selling point? Furry friends are invited too. “Bringing our dog is key,” said Mike. Their pup is helping them meet the neighbors, introducing them to other dogs (and their humans) during beach walks. “When we travel, we only look at places that accept dogs,” Pam added. “Knowing our dog is welcome here is a game changer.” 

Learn more about Pacaso

Pacaso is changing the way people like Pam and Mike purchase and enjoy second homes. Learn more about how Pacaso works and the many benefits of co-ownership. 
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