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Published Date: January 6, 2023

modern farmhouse
Variety is the spice of life, and that’s especially true for house styles. Some of us feel right at home in a classic Mid-Century Modern house while others relax amid the sharp angles of a contemporary design. Perhaps you’re still figuring out your comfort zone or are ready for a change of home architecture. Sometimes just exploring a new house style can stir your tastes in ways you never expected. 

A sampling of house styles

There are dozens of house styles, ranging from simple to elaborate. Here are some of the most popular types of house styles:Victorian — The Victorian style is characterized by features like classic columns, turrets and gables, steep rooflines, multiple stories, broad porches and balconies, and often an asymmetrical façade.
ocean blvd exterior
Tudor — Tudor architecture predates the Victorian era. Today, the term “Tudor-style” describes homes with steep, multi-gabled rooflines, large chimneys, and exteriors of brick, stucco, stone or slate accented with ornamental timber framing.
tudor style home exterior
Farmhouse — Warm, cozy, casual and rustic Farmhouse style houses typically employ hand-hewn beams and wrought iron hardware over a rectangular design, with wood flooring, clapboard siding, contrasting shutters, covered porches and brick or stone chimneys.
classic farmhouse exterior
Modern farmhouse — Modern farmhouse blends traditional farmhouse elements with the sleek clean lines of contemporary design, resulting in warmth, simplicity and functionality. The style is characterized by natural textures and materials, especially wood and galvanized steel. Color schemes lean toward cream with black trim and fittings, though bolder hues are also used.  
Modern farmhouse in napa
Craftsman — Craftsman is one of the most popular home styles. Common features include covered front porches supported by simple columns, a mix of wood siding and cedar shingles, exposed ceiling beams, and intricate woodwork. The Craftsman movement was a backlash against ornate Victorian houses.
front craftsman home
Mid-Century Modern — Mid-Century Modern style is all about simplicity, with clean lines, organic and geometric shapes, floor-to-ceiling windows and minimal decoration. Made popular after World War II, Mid-Century Modern designputs function front and center. 
Mid-Century Modern home
Mountain Modern — The open layouts, large windows and high ceilings of Mountain Modern style homes make for some incredible views. Clean lines and exteriors showcase natural materials, with neutral tones and the natural beauty of smooth glass, textured wood and rough stone providing form and function as the focus of the design.
modern mountain exterior
Tuscan — Tuscan style features detailed stonework, lavish balconies with wrought iron railings, terra-cotta tiles, textured walls and stucco façades. It’s a style that looks particularly at home in the rolling hills of wine country and in sunny Southern California.
Tuscan style home

Match your style with your location

Finding the right style of house is a big step, but the right location matters, too. Style and location will factor into your lifestyle, whether it’s your primary residence or a second home. Are you a city dweller who wants to escape to the mountains to ski and hike? Or does your dream retreat mean all a city has to offer? The right style for your vacation home will elevate all of your experiences. Think how a Cape Cod in the woods or a modern farmhouse near a vineyard would feel right at home. If you’re hitting the ski slopes during the day, a slopeside mountain home is the perfect place to chill in the evening. 

Make one your own

Just as there are many different house styles, there are many different types of home ownership. Pacaso’s fully managed LLC co-ownership model lets you own a stylish second home for less money and hassle in some of the nation’s top destinations.Browse our listings to find your picture-perfect future vacation home. Find your favorite style of house in the place you want to be — all at a fraction of the cost of traditional ownership.

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