What the most luxurious home kitchens have in common

Published Date: January 6, 2023

Kitchen in Aspen
They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and when you’re cooking and entertaining in a luxury kitchen, there’s a lot to love. Check out our list of 10 of the most crave-worthy luxury home kitchen features. 

1. Indoor-outdoor living

Especially in warm-weather destinations, having an outdoor component to your luxury kitchen is a must. Whether it’s a folding glass door that connects the inside living space with a patio or a full-fledged outdoor kitchen, an indoor-outdoor floor plan allows you to be part of the action when preparing and serving food for pool parties, backyard BBQs or al fresco dinner parties. 
Las Olas Indoor/Outdoor Living

2. Luxury lighting

Interior designers will tell you that every room needs three types of lighting: ambient, task and accent. In a luxury kitchen, your ambient light might be recessed lighting that creates uniform illumination throughout the space. Your task lighting could be elegant pendants hanging over the kitchen island. Accent lighting in a kitchen is what gives it that ultra-luxury feel. Popular accent lighting locations in a kitchen include installing a LED light strip under the upper cabinets or on the toe kick at the base of the lower cabinets. Some luxury homeowners take it a step further with color-changing LED light strips that add the perfect ambience for every event. 
Kitchen lighting

3. Room to entertain

In luxury kitchens, bigger is better. Kitchens tend to be the place people gather, especially for casual get-togethers. That’s why upscale kitchens have plenty of space not only to prepare meals, but also to entertain. Features like an adjacent sunroom or a second island with ample seating allow everyone to have space to sit, sip, chat — and maybe even help the cook. 
kitchen with large island

4. Wine storage

A wine refrigerator is a must for every luxury kitchen, but wine-loving luxury homeowners take it to the next level. Wine collections become a focal point in the form of floor-to-ceiling, multi-temperature wine storage, glass wine walls dividing the kitchen and dining room, or kitchen-adjacent wine cellars. 
The Hollow wine storage

5. Gorgeous views

Nobody likes doing the dishes, but it’s nicer to complete your household tasks while gazing at mountain, ocean or wine country views. When luxury homes are designed, much thought is given to the layout of the main living area, and the payoff is often incredible views from every room. 
View of San Diego beach

6. A massive pantry

Especially for homeowners with big families or those who cook and entertain frequently, a large pantry is an absolute must. And luxury pantries are much more than just a place to store dry goods. Some impressive pantries include multi-tier storage, countertop space for small appliances and perhaps an extra refrigerator or a prep sink. 
modern pantry

7. Professional-grade appliances

Luxury kitchens need luxury appliances, and stainless steel is just the beginning. Today’s upscale kitchens often boast commercial-grade appliances, including double ovens, large gas cooktops and oversized double-door refrigerators. While some homeowners opt for commercial-grade stainless steel refrigerators, others go low-profile, with refrigerators that blend in seamlessly with the surrounding cabinetry. 
professional-grade appliances

8. A butler’s pantry

No, you don’t need to employ a butler to make good use of a butler’s pantry. A multi-functional space usually located between the kitchen and the dining room, a butler’s pantry can be used as a staging area for food and drinks when entertaining, an extra prep space or simply a place with extra storage so your main kitchen can stay blissfully clutter-free — which is especially important in an open floor plan where the kitchen and living area are connected.
Prep space for entertaining

9. Custom cabinets

You won’t find stock cabinets in luxury kitchens, and for good reason. Cabinets take up much of the visual space in a kitchen, so they’re the perfect canvas for adding personality and style. On-trend features include glass cabinet doors on upper cabinets, two-tone cabinets, colorful cabinets and open shelving. 
Custom Cabinets

10. A waterfall edge island 

Stone countertops are a sure sign of a high-end kitchen, whether the solid surfaces are crafted of marble, quartz, granite or soapstone. For an ultra-luxe look, professional kitchen designers often spring for a waterfall-edge countertop for the island, which means the countertop covers the top of the island and then cascades down the two ends. It creates an impressive focal point from all vantage points. 
stone waterfall island

Discover your dream kitchen 

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