5 powerhouse work-from-home spaces

Published Date: January 6, 2023

Office with brown furniture and a view of trees
When you’re able to work from just about anywhere, what makes a space stand out? With amazing locations, chic finishes and innovative designs, few places inspire productivity like an epic second-home office.  

The deep dive

The over-the-top view from this Malibu Pacaso makes for a brilliant Zoom background. And if you start stressing? Work/life balance is a breeze — the salt air and ocean waves are scientifically proven to help calm the brain. 
Brown desk with ocean through the window
Listing photo: Sea Vista

The extra mile

Overlooking miles of ski slopes and mountain trails, this Park City Pacaso is great for people who like to work hard and play hard. Enjoy a productive day motivated by the promise of fresh powder on the flipside.
Office overlooking mountains
Listing photo: The Golden Glow

The work of art

The broad windows of this Sonoma Pacaso frame the view like it’s a piece of art, and the room’s neutral palette make it easy to tackle a to-do list in style. 
Desk overlooking garden
Listing photo: The Hollow

The cutting edge

The Flight House in Truckee features a modern office that makes the most of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The glass peninsula combines cutting-edge design with soothing views of nature, built for workers who pine for the great outdoors. 
Office overlooking trees
Photo credit: Sage Architecture

The drawing board

This sleek working space was built as an architect’s cabin retreat on Washington State’s Bainbridge Island. The wraparound view of Puget Sound provides powerful inspiration when drawing plans and dreaming big.   
Office overlooking lake and trees
Photo credit: Dwell

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