Home design tour: A synergy of textures, surfaces and patterns bring this mountain home to life

Published Date: August 30, 2022

Aspen home exterior
Hallam isn’t your average mountain home — the careful design choices made in this Aspen retreat create a perfect union of surfaces, textures and patterns. In this visual tour, we’ll highlight Hallam's Rustic Contemporary design and gain insights from Pacaso Director of Interior Design Lynne Tocchet. 

1. Organic opulence

The Pacaso design team wanted to showcase the mountains and wooded forests surrounding Hallam. “To bring the outside environment of Aspen inside the home, we combined a variety of different surfaces,” explains Lynne. This can be seen in the kitchen, where a striking stone backsplash and matching waterfall-edge island blend with the subdued natural wood floor and ceiling beams to exude an earthy feel.
Kitchen in Aspen

2. Symphony of textures

A mix of textures shines in other spaces throughout the home. “Rustic Contemporary is the vibe in the home,” says Lynne. Box beams, exposed woodwork and wide plank floors give the interior a classic rustic feel, while details like the black-framed windows, iron railings, dark marble surfaces and sleek light fixtures provide a luxurious modern edge. Minimalist white walls unite all the textures and create perfect harmony. 
Rustic Modern living space with built in bar

3. Playing with light, color and patterns

Bright open floor plans, natural materials and neutral color palettes are hallmarks of Rustic Contemporary. “The goal with this design aesthetic is to bring nature into your home,” says Lynne. At Hallam, you’ll find soft tones like creams, browns and gray used throughout. Area rugs featuring nature-inspired patterns pair well with the muted colors, while sheer curtains allow plenty of light to flow in. But natural doesn’t mean dull — the design team added dynamic pops of color with textured pillows, strategically placed plants and carefully selected artwork. 
Hallam Living room

4. Beautifully balanced

Rustic Contemporary combines the charm of a rustic dwelling with the comfort of a modern home. “At Hallam, the balance of rustic and contemporary can be seen in the textures and furnishings,” says Lynne. In the living room, the design team paired  a Mid-Century Modern leather chair with a modern floor lamp, creating a harmonious contrast with the home’s more rustic elements. 
Interior design in aspen home
To explore Hallam’s impeccable design in more detail, take this virtual 3D tour. Each Pacaso is designed with modern furnishings, decorative artwork and special touches to create a home with livable luxury. Check out our listings, and find a beautifully furnished home that matches your lifestyle and preferences.

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