6 essentials for a tranquil and relaxing second home

Published Date: January 17, 2023

Bedroom with fireplace
When you need to hit pause on your day-to-day life, a second home can be a refuge of peace and tranquility. Maximize your R&R by choosing a home away from home with these six must-haves.

Calming soaking tub

After a long day, nothing feels more indulgent than soaking in a glorious bubble bath. Add serene surroundings and a tub as eye-catching as the dark stone tub at Escondido, and you’ll probably never want to leave. 
Spa like bathtub in Malibu
Pacaso listing: Escondido — Malibu, CA

Bright and open living room

A naturally lit, airy living room can help clear the mind and put you at ease the moment you step inside your second home. This Scottsdale Pacaso invites tranquility with its lofty, warm wood ceilings, gleaming floor-to-ceiling windows and calming neutral tones.
Open living space in Scottsdale
Pacaso listing: Tulum Oasis – Scottsdale, AZ

Soothing shower

Sometimes a shower can be a sanctuary — a place to enjoy a few precious moments of solitude. The gorgeous spa-like shower at Casa Estrada will be your favorite spot for nurturing your mind, engaging your senses and washing all your worries away.
Spa like bathroom in Miami Beach
Pacaso listing: Casa Estrada — Miami Beach, FL

Inviting outdoor space

With an outdoor space, you can relax under the sun and stars, and your loved ones can unwind with you too. This Malibu Pacaso provides everything you need for a rejuvenating oasis: plenty of comfortable lounge chairs, lush green landscaping, a tranquil pool and the alluring smell of the ocean.
 Oasis pool in Malibu
Pacaso listing: Allure — Malibu, CA

Cozy bedroom fireplace

A comfortable spot by the fire can be your little escape from the world — a place to get lost in a book, drift off into a daydream or simply bask in the warmth. At Ridgeline, snuggling up in bed next to the fireplace is the ultimate in cozy bliss.
Bedroom with fireplace and balcony
Pacaso listing: Ridgeline — Park City, UT

Quiet balcony

When you need some “you” time, you can relax and reset on an open-air balcony. The primary bedroom at Seaside extends out to a curved balcony, perfect for meditating, practicing yoga, enjoying a glass of wine or simply breathing in the ocean air. 
Backyard with pool and balconies
Pacaso listing: Seaside — Hilton Head Island, SC

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