How Pacaso interior design creates livable luxury

Published Date: August 25, 2022

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We believe every Pacaso should feel like home — because it is.From the fundamentals to the finishing touches, each Pacaso is curated by professional designers with one goal: To create luxurious surroundings for effortless living.Living rooms are furnished and arranged for comfort and connection, while the climate-specific bedding is a dream come true. And each home is unique — no cookie-cutter approach here (though you will find some very nice cookie-cutters in the fully stocked kitchen). The result is livable luxury designed specifically with second-home living in mind. 

"Every detail was taken care of,” said Mike and Lea Mikosz, owners of The Poolhouse in the Napa Valley. “The amenities, design and furnishings are stunning."

After owners close on their Pacaso, we transform the home with modern touches, upgrade furnishings and manage all the essentials to create a great second home. We believe comfortable interiors create space for a thoughtful conversation, cooking a memorable meal or beating your friends at Scrabble.To help you envision what we see for every Pacaso, here are our design principles.

Gather: luxurious living spaces

Pacaso living rooms are designed to bring people together, with thoughtfully positioned sofas and chairs. Rugs, fabrics, pillows and throw blankets are hand-picked to enhance the home’s overall aesthetic, and tables are strategically placed throughout the space so your wine glass can take a break, too.

Rest: dreamy bedrooms

Relaxing bedrooms beckon. Grab a robe and cozy up in a comfortable settee or side chair. Bedside tables are topped with warm lighting that provides a calming ambience. Plush mattresses are wrapped in high-thread-count, 100% cotton linens. Bedding packages are chosen to match the climate, ensuring you can get a great night’s sleep in the mountains or by the sea. And if you have sensitivities, we’ll provide high-quality, hypo-allergenic bedding.

Play: fun for all

Pacaso second homes are meant to be enjoyed inside and out. You’ll find the home is fully stocked with board games for all ages. And, depending on your home’s amenities, you’ll find lawn games, pool floaties and storage for skis.

Fuel: the heart of the home

Whether you’re cooking for two or a houseful, your kitchen and dining room come equipped with everything you need to create an epic meal — just bring the groceries! French press? Check! Champagne flutes? Of course.Where you eat can make a meal something to savor. Whether you’re at an island breakfast bar or a full dining room table, we design spaces to feed your belly and your soul. 

Beauty: what’s inside counts

The “wow” factor will be the first thing you notice when you arrive at your Pacaso and will stay with you until you leave. Your home’s curated atmosphere is enhanced by beautiful pieces of art that enhance the overall design. Mirrors are placed strategically throughout the home to enhance lighting and add depth.Each Pacaso is unique — that’s why we consider the home’s location and history when designing the custom interior.

Tech: enabling smarter homes

We employ easy-to-use smart technology for things like heating and cooling. Each home has a user's manual to walk you through specific features and lists who to contact if you need help. And your home has Wi-Fi so you’re always connected. 

Essentials: all things great and small

We know life is about the little things, but we added some big perks, too. Pacaso second homes come equipped with all the essentials you need to create a masterpiece in the kitchen, enjoy the great outdoors, or relax in your master bedroom. Check out the 200+ amenities included in every Pacaso.

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