Interior design trends that will last the decade

Published Date: January 6, 2023

Modern Kitchen
In home design, many trends go out of style as quickly as they came in. And nothing dates a home more than super-specific design trends that aren’t nearly as popular as they once were – just ask anyone still living in a home with shag carpeting or avocado-colored appliances. So, how do you know which trends will stand the test of time and which will be “so last year” by next year? Check out our list of 10 interior design trends with staying power. 

1. Mixing vintage and new furnishings 

Create layered, unique and visually interesting living spaces by carefully curating a combination of new and vintage pieces. For example, in a living room you can easily pair your modern, neutral sofa with decor pieces found at vintage stores. Vases, sculptures and small accessories in classic materials like brass, ceramic, wicker and leather add an eclectic, worldly feel to any space. 
velvet couch and wooden bookcase

2. Sustainable materials 

Sustainability isn’t a trend, it’s here to stay. Both owners of existing homes and builders crafting new homes are taking an Earth-friendly approach to choosing materials and creating functionality. Sustainability efforts can be as extensive as adding solar panels to the roof or as simple as selecting materials that are better for the environment, like recycled glass countertops or renewable bamboo or cork flooring. 
Aerial of Palm Springs house with solar panels
Pacaso Listing: Amber - Palm Springs, CA

3. Raw materials 

In a typical build, raw materials like concrete and unfinished wood are covered with drywall, tile or flooring. With the raw materials trend, some of those areas are left exposed, adding additional texture, color and visual interest to a space. Some common examples include a concrete feature wall or exposed structural beams. 
concrete and wood living space

4. A return to classic design  

After a decade-plus of minimalist design – clean lines, plenty of white and gray, and intentionally sparse decorative elements – some homeowners are returning to a warmer, more classic look. Hallmarks of this style include rich wood tones, soft fabrics, intricate accessories and warmer-hued wall colors. 
Classic design living room
Pacaso Listing: The Estate - Napa, CA

5. Statement panel walls 

Walls don’t need to be off-white, and they don’t even need to rely on paint to be visually interesting. To add texture and depth, designers are turning to panel walls – full wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling installations of wood panels. They provide the perfect backdrop for statement furniture pieces and vibrant accessories. 
statement wall bedroom

6. Colorful kitchens

All-white kitchens are on their way out, and colorful cabinets are taking their place. Many newly designed (or redesigned) kitchens today feature painted cabinets in a show-stopping color. Some homeowners are going bold, using colorful cabinets throughout the whole room, while others are taking a more subtle approach, using color only on the island or peninsula cabinets, or on lowers but not uppers. 
colorful kitchen

7. Dedicated dining rooms 

When open-concept living became popular, one casualty was often a dedicated dining room. As walls were knocked down and floor plans opened, traditional dining rooms were exchanged for large great rooms with eat-in kitchens or oversized islands. Now, we’re seeing a return to the dedicated dining space, one with plenty of room for the whole family to gather for big meals, game nights and holiday celebrations. 
Park City dining room
Pacaso Listing: The Golden Glow - Park City, UT

8. Arches  

Arched doorways, walkways and windows are making a big comeback. Related to other current architectural trends of bringing more organic shapes and nature-inspired design into interiors, arches give a home an inviting, yet sleek and modern feel that’s pleasing to the eye. 
Kitchen with arches

9. Mini study nooks

With more Americans working and learning from home, designers are rethinking floor plans to include dedicated work and study spaces. While luxury home offices are on many buyers’ wish lists, study nooks are also popular because they offer dedicated areas for focusing on important tasks, without taking up a lot of square footage. 
desk with window

10. Wet room bathrooms

Perhaps the biggest trend in bathroom design today, wet room bathrooms are separate and glass-enclosed sections of the bathroom where both a shower and a freestanding tub are located. As the name implies, the entire room can get wet, and often the space is decked out with multiple rain shower heads, electronic temperature controls and gorgeous floor-to-ceiling tile. For true spa-like luxury, there’s nothing better. 
modern bathroom
Pacaso Listing: Skyward - Palm Springs, CA

Your stylish second home awaits 

At Pacaso, our professional designers are at the forefront of today’s most crave-worthy home design trends. So when you become a co-owner of one of our beautiful second homes, you’ll walk through the door to a professionally designed, fully furnished home ready for you to enjoy now and for years to come. 

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Jen Lyons

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