Luxury home decor ideas for second homes

Published Date: January 5, 2023

Living room with sliding windows
Your home is your castle, and that’s especially true for a second home. Your home away from home should make you feel like you’re at a five-star property, with designer touches and upscale elements. Get inspired by some of our favorite luxury home decor trends for second homes.

Biophilic design

What is biophilic design? It’s the idea that your home should help you stay connected to the natural world. In practice, it could be the creation of a living wall, the addition of lots of lush houseplants or simply the use of plenty of earth tones in your decor. 
Biophilic modern kitchen

Feature walls

A little creativity can turn a plain white wall into a conversation piece. Innovative designers are treating interior walls as blank canvases for everything from geometric built-in bookshelves to sleek, chic wine storage. While these unique designs surely stand out, what’s special about feature walls is that they give visitors a sense of the owner’s passions, interests and hobbies. 
dining room with wine storage
Pacaso Listing: The Oasis - Palm Springs, CA

Sculptural decor pieces 

In truly upscale design, the accessories make all the difference. Sculptural decor items are on trend, and you don’t need to have a super-modern aesthetic to make them work. Look for monochromatic pieces with interesting shapes that complement your bigger furniture pieces. For example, if your furniture is oversized with rounded corners, add some decor pieces with more structure, like geometric shapes. 
modern living room with fireplace
Pacaso Listing: Chardonnay - Sonoma, CA

Show-stopping chandeliers 

Consider a chandelier the jewelry that accessorizes your room’s perfect outfit. A large, beautiful light fixture does much more than simply illuminate a room. It gives a cohesive feel to your design and adds a sense of sophistication. From one-of-a-kind blown glass chandeliers to wood and metal architectural styles, the options are endless. 
The Hollow modern dining table chandelier
Pacaso Listing: The Hollow - Napa Valley, CA

Mixed textures 

When you’re decorating a room, avoid the urge to make everything too similar in style, look and feel. The most interesting rooms use a mix of textures — perhaps layering similarly shaped throw pillows with distinctly different fabrics or hanging a large-scale tapestry or canvas. It’s about more than just textiles, too. Experiment with mixing metals, wood, leather and glass for an eclectic, but intentional, look. 
living room with modern art
Pacaso Listing: Sea Scape - Malibu, CA

Focal points

Every grand room needs a stunning focal point — and no, it doesn’t have to be a flat-screen TV. Picture yourself in a cozy Park City ski chalet or a Lake Tahoe lodge. What do they have in common? Massive stone fireplaces. Or see the drama you can add by propping a framed, oversized mirror against a wall. It reflects light and gives a room a warm and decidedly upscale feel. 
snowy park city lodge living room
Pacaso Listing: The Golden Glow - Park City, UT

Oversized windows (with views!)

Nothing says luxury like a wall of windows, letting in natural light and framing gorgeous views. Whether your second home is in the mountains or at the beach, let Mother Nature do the decorating. The natural light gives a soft and inviting feel, and the scenery will change with the seasons! 
Malibu beach view
Pacaso Listing: Sea Scape - Malibu, CA

Indoor/outdoor living

Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors is incredibly popular. Can you smell the ocean breeze yet? Many warm-weather vacation destinations feature homes with retractable or folding glass walls. What looks like a series of sliding glass doors actually fold up, accordion-style, and tuck away, giving the illusion that the living room flows seamlessly onto an outdoor deck or patio. Even mountain retreats offer decks and cozy fire pits for outdoor entertaining. 
sliding glass doors with lounge chairs for indoor outdoor living
Pacaso Listing: Skyward - Palm Springs, CA

Style comes standard with Pacaso

When you buy your second home with Pacaso, it comes fully furnished and professionally designed in a style that complements your unique home’s architectural style and location. Plus, all maintenance and management is taken care of, so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of your home. 

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