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It’s great that you’re ready to expand your listing portfolio and unlock additive sales opportunities by working with Pacaso as a listing agent. We want to set you up for success. To do that, we’ve outlined the steps, roles and responsibilities of developing a listing that has been approved to become a Pacaso. Let’s get started.

1. Kickoff and onboarding

The Pacaso team schedules a Zoom video call with the listing agent. The agent shares all the relevant home documents, including any HOAs and CC&Rs. This group will work together to draft the seller conveyance agreement, including notes on furniture Pacaso would like to include in the sale. The agent takes the lead on ordering the home inspection and appraisal. Timing is important here; it must adhere to the terms in the contract. And sooner is always better. The agent then sets up and attends a virtual walkthrough on Zoom or FaceTime. This tour helps the Pacaso Crew get to know more about the home, and what it will take to transform it into a Pacaso following closing. The Crew is specifically looking for insight into the cost of additional design and furnishing needs as well as operational expenses.

2. Listing prep

Pacaso finalizes the per-share price based on the home’s list price and conveys it to the agent. To prepare the listing to go live on the MLS and the Pacaso website, the agent confirms home details and works with the seller to provide fun facts about the home as well as what they love about it. The agent works with the Pacaso Crew to secure high-impact marketing assets such as photos, videos and 3D home tours, plus signed permission to use these assets to market the home. The agent and the Pacaso team collaborate on local recommendations for property managers and preferred vendors (e.g. landscapers, pool service, snow removal, etc). The agent also provides feedback on taxes, property management, utilities and insurance that help to inform the home’s operating expenses.

3. Listing goes live

Once the listing is live on the MLS and Pacaso, our Crew uses thumb-stopping photo and video assets to market the listing through social media and email. The team also has a customizable marketing toolkit to help agents share about Pacaso to local agents and buyers. Agents are also encouraged to hold “closed” houses (i.e. a COVID compliant open house), showing the home by appointment and explaining the benefits of Pacaso ownership. The agent fields calls from leads, answers their questions, and passes the leads to Pacaso in real-time to learn more about the details of co-ownership. Our team works directly with buyers , while transparently keeping the agent updated on the process.When the buyer is ready, the agent then handles contracts for Pacaso and assists them throughout the closing process. If you have additional questions, please contact your Pacaso Crew representative or view our agent resources. We’re happy to set additional time with you to discuss the listing process or role play buyer questions.

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