5 Essentials for Every Chef’s Kitchen

Published Date: January 5, 2023

Every home cook worth their salt knows there are things they can’t live without — even on vacation. And every Pacaso kitchen has all the tools you need to whip up that new recipe you’ve been dying to try. But these five essentials make kitchens truly chef-worthy.  

1. A kitchen for every occasion

Enjoy a change of scenery for every meal prep session. Make big dinners in the gourmet main kitchen, prep snacks and cocktails in the casual kitchenette or host a friendly BBQ in the outdoor kitchen. Olive Hill offers all this and more, surrounded by the beauty of Napa Valley.

Pacaso listing: Olive Hill — Napa, CA | $840,000 for ⅛ Ownership

2. High-end appliances

The best chefs demand the best tools for the job, so Pacaso homes come equipped with top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances. At Grand Canal in Newport Beach, you may even convince yourself that you’re a French chef working in the countryside, thanks to the exposed beams and a cozy stone patio with a fireplace. 

Pacaso listing: Grand Canal — Newport Beach, CA | $967,000 for ⅛ Ownership

3. Space for your sous chef

When you’re preparing a multi-course meal, a tight galley kitchen simply won’t do. Give yourself plenty of elbow room and ample space for helpers in a sprawling Pacaso kitchen. Tulum Oasis in Scottsdale takes its design cues from the Yucatan Peninsula. The beautiful, thoughtfully-designed kitchen will inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen, whether you're making cochinita pibil — a traditional Yucatan dish — or frozen pizza.A modern kitchen of a Scottsdale second home with warm limestone backsplash, two islands, open wood shelving, and Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances

Pacaso listing: Tulum Oasis — Scottsdale, AZ | $746,000 for ⅛ Ownership

4. An open-concept layout

There’s nothing better than being part of the conversation when you’re busy preparing a meal for the ones you love. An open-concept layout ensures the hardworking chef can enjoy the evening (and it makes it easier to recruit helpers). Casa Estrada in Miami Beach checks all the boxes, plus boasts a glass-enclosed 80-bottle wine room just an arm’s reach from the kitchen. 

Pacaso listing: Casa Estrada – Miami Beach, FL | $967,000 for ⅛ Ownership

5. Plenty of natural light

Whether you’re blending a fresh fruit smoothie to start the day or crafting some happy hour hors d'oeuvres, having a well-lit workspace is important (and the key to great Instagram photos of your creations, of course).  At Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California sunshine floods through the massive windows that line the kitchen, dining area and living room.

Pacaso listing: Boardwalk — Santa Cruz, CA | $799,000 for ⅛ Ownership

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Jen Lyons

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