Crew spotlight: Lucas Roy

Published Date: January 6, 2023

Lucas Roy on balcony with Pacaso sweatshirt
We’re shining a spotlight on members of the Pacaso Crew! As a fully distributed company with employees across the U.S., our work days can look a little different. See how we collaborate, relax and do the best work of our careers at a rapidly growing company driven by exceptional employees.

Lucas Roy

Role: Senior Data ScientistWorks from: Austin, TXCrew member since: January 2021Companies need good intel to make strategic decisions. As a data scientist, Lucas helps guide Pacaso’s business strategy using advanced analytics, and he collects and shares data that teams can use to create better experiences for our customers. 
Lucas outside home

A day in the life

I start my day with a light morning jog around Ladybird Lake here in Austin. Next comes my morning espresso — a new work-from-home hobby — which I sip as I begin reviewing my agenda for the day. Most of my team is on the West Coast, which means I get a couple of blissful uninterrupted hours to dig into our data. Once the rest of the Pacific Time Crew wakes up, we have our daily standup meeting to review open tickets and adjust the tasks in our queue. Everything at Pacaso is moving fast, and meeting each morning is a great way to stay organized as a team. After that, my day is typically a mix of meetings with stakeholders and working on fun data science initiatives.Working for a distributed company gives me the flexibility to manage my schedule and change my workspace each day. Sometimes it's my home office or balcony, and other days I venture out and work from different coffee shops. It’s a great perk! 

Collaboration and initiative keep the momentum going

Even though the Pacaso Crew is spread out, everyone is very collaborative and supportive. That’s why my favorite core value is “Row Together,” which is about teamwork. As a data scientist, I have the opportunity to work across many departments, and we all work together to make the Pacaso dream a reality for our buyers and owners. I also connect with the core value “Empty the Dishwasher,” meaning, if you see something that needs to be done, take the initiative and do it. I enjoy the opportunity to learn new things, especially from a technical perspective. When I see a gap in our data or an avenue I think we should explore, I feel empowered to figure out a solution. Sometimes that pushes me outside of my comfort zone, but that’s how we learn and grow, and Pacaso really encourages that. I didn’t know much about the second home market before I came to Pacaso, so diving into that aspect of real estate has been really interesting. One of my favorite projects so far was analyzing U.S. Census data to identify the top vacation home markets, and then using that data to inform our decisions about what markets we should expand to based on our business model. Real estate data is full of fun challenges! 

What else don’t we know?

Outside of work, you’ll often find me building something (or taking it apart). Whether it's upgrading my road bike or 3D printing some new useless gadget, I love hands-on projects. And I also love good food! If I had my pick of second homes, my dream Pacaso location would be Charleston, South Carolina, where the food is amazing and there’s so much variety. I love the beautiful colors of the city and the laid-back atmosphere, so maybe someday you’ll find me enjoying the good life from my second home in Charleston. 
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