How to decorate your home for the holiday season

Published Date: January 17, 2023

Holiday home decor in a Pacaso
Many people look forward to celebrating the winter holidays at their second homes, and incorporating some seasonal touches can make this time of year feel even more festive. The holidays are a joyous time to celebrate with our friends and family, and decorating the home is a nice way to commemorate the occasion.A garland on the hearth, a wintery bouquet on the table or a candle by the window all have a way of reminding us just how special this time of year is. But for those who are traveling to a second home or vacation rental for the holidays, carting along hefty decorations might not be practical. When in doubt, keep it simple, and go for decor that makes you feel festive but can easily be updated throughout the season.Here is the Pacaso design team's five top tips on how to decorate your home away from home this holiday season.

1. Choose neutral tones with an occasional pop of color 

Starting with a simple, elegant and soothing color palette makes it easier to weave in holiday decor that is pleasing to everyone. For traditional holiday accessories, consider a wooden version of stars and trees to soften the vibe. Blonde walnut candlesticks, oversized wooden bowls holding scented pine cones, or woven wooden baskets for your cozy winter blankets are a few seasonal elements you can easily blend into your decor. Use heavy textures like bouchle, faux shearling and flannel to warm up the space even more. Add coordinating pillows and throws with an occasional pop of color to the surrounding furniture for a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

2. Add greenery to the mix 

 Greenery on the mantel never goes out of style, but consider some other places as well. A soft velvety green throw on the sofa or eucalyptus branches in a neutral vase will instantly create a natural holiday-inspired vibe. Faux greenery is a great, hassle-free option that stays “fresh” throughout the holidays while keeping in the spirit of the season!
Pacaso couch with holiday decor

3. Bring the outdoors in 

Little touches like a bowl of pinecones or a vase of branches can go a long way toward making your home feel extra cozy for the holidays. And sourcing natural materials from your yard, neighborhood or farmer’s market is a good way to ensure that your decor matches the aesthetic of your home’s location. In mountain destinations, a garland or vase of pine branches can help bring the outside in, while in SoCal, some palm fronds or a bouquet of eucalyptus would have a similar and equally festive effect. 

4. Create a layered effect that can evolve with the time of year

Choosing some year-round decorative elements and layering in rotating holiday accessories is an effective way to decorate for the winter season. For example, a long wooden bowl filled with pine cones might be a permanent dining table centerpiece. In the fall, that arrangement could be sprinkled with earth-toned potpourri representing the changing colors of the autumn leaves. Moving into winter, the potpourri may be replaced with small silver and gold globes, or any other colors or themes that represent the winter holiday season to you. Keeping the foundation of the decor the same and just changing out the accessory layer keeps it simple and easy.
Holiday decor for the table

5. Light it up!

There is nothing that sets a mood or adds to an aesthetic like lighting. Enhancing your outdoor decorations with some type of lighting, even if it’s a simple shadow cast just the right way, instantly elevates the level of the decor. When working outside, don’t forget about scale. While small additions can make a big impact on your interior decor, those details might be missed on the exterior. Think big picture outside, and leave the small stuff inside!

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