An agent and buyer share their honest thoughts about Pacaso

Published Date: November 8, 2023

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Curious about partnering with Pacaso? Michael, an owner of a Palm Springs Pacaso, and Rudy Siegel, a real estate agent with BHHS, share their candid thoughts about working with us and they compare our fully managed co-ownership model with a traditional whole home purchase."It's been awesome — we get to start our vacation and our time together with our family and friends right away … we get a hundred percent utilization of our time, not the pain-in-the-neck factor of owning a whole second home,” said Michael. “It's so easy [too] from an agent's perspective,” Ruby added. “It was that turnkey. We just turned it over to Pacaso and they took care of everything from the beginning to the end. And the joy that Mike and his family had when I would speak with them … you’re only as happy as your clients.”Watch the video below to hear more.
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