Introducing “Own With a Friend:” Your path to co-ownership savings

Published Date: October 20, 2023

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At Pacaso, we’re constantly innovating to provide new solutions and make a second home possible for more buyers. Previously, our co-ownership model was offered primarily to married couples and their families. We’re excited to launch “Own With a Friend,” a new program that enables you to purchase a single Pacaso share with a friend and save 50% on the total cost of ownership. Share your expenses, split time in your home, and enjoy the same class-leading co-ownership experience from Pacaso.

Co-buying is the norm, especially for partnered buyers

Co-buying has increasingly become the norm for today’s buyers. According to Zillow's 2023 Consumer Housing Trends Report, 62% of home buyers purchase and share ownership of their homes with at least one other person. Of these buyers, 50% co-bought their home with a partner or spouse, while a combined 26% co-bought with a friend or relative. Single, never-married buyers are also more likely to co-buy, citing affordability and a smoother mortgage approval process as reasons for making the purchase.With “Own with a Friend,” Pacaso now supports co-ownership with a friend, partner and other family member. Buyers can effectively split their share with another person and achieve a more affordable ownership experience. Plus, they also split the time in their home, making the program an appealing option for families who prefer to spend around three weeks of the year instead of the average six."Co-buying a Pacaso with my partner has exceeded all our expectations,” said Colin, an owner of a home in California Wine Country. “We have a beautiful home that meets our needs for half the price of a 1/8 share. We wouldn’t have made the leap if we weren't able to share the financial burden — now, we get to enjoy a second home that we both love.”

How "Own With a Friend" works

Whether you want to buy a Pacaso with a childhood friend, longtime partner or trusted business associate, the new "Own With a Friend" program offers all the benefits of co-ownership, including:
  • Reduced costs. Split your purchase price, down payment, and monthly operating expenses in half.
  • Tailored usage. Divide the time with your co-buyer and make use of the 6-7 average annual stays that come with your share.
  • Streamlined access. Enjoy full use of the Pacaso app with your co-buyer, including scheduling, owner support and more.
"The flexibility and seamless process Pacaso provides were key factors in our decision,” said Emily, a Pacaso owner who purchased her home with a longtime friend. “We were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to spend enough time in our Pacaso to make the purchase worthwhile. However, this program has allowed us to share the time and create lifelong memories with each of our families. Plus, we even get to bring our families together! It’s the perfect balance of time and cost.”

More ways to expand your Pacaso access

Owners who have friends in the Pacaso network have even more new ways to enjoy their co-ownership experience. Our new swap feature enables you to exchange dates with another co-owner of the same home or swap stays with a friend who owns a different Pacaso. For example, you can swap a stay in your Malibu beach home for your friend's Vail Pacaso through the app and enjoy time in a different destination with your family. Additionally, you can refer a friend to Pacaso and receive a $2,500 credit each if they close on a home.

Learn more about "Own With a Friend"

To learn more about "Own with a Friend,” please reach us at Our team is here to guide you and help you start your second home journey.

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You can now exchange dates with another co-owner of your home, or swap stays with a friend who owns a different Pacaso.

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