Interior design trends: Which one fits your style?

Published Date: August 25, 2023

Open concept living space
Everyone has their own personal style, and we gravitate toward a specific aesthetic in many areas of our lives, especially in our homes. If you’re the type of person who “knows it when they see it” but can’t name your exact interior design style, this is the article for you. Find your favorite in our roundup of eight popular interior design styles. 

Mid-Century Modern

Living room in Malibu

Pacaso listing: Aquamarine — Malibu, CA

This design style surfaced in the U.S. after World War II, as designers experimented with new materials like molded plastic, plywood and aluminum — and as advancements in manufacturing allowed for the mass production of home furnishings. Mid-Century Modern furnishings combine organic and geometric lines, medium-tone woods, and asymmetrical patterns with metal hairpin chairs and table legs. Fans of this design style can find vintage pieces and plenty of new pieces inspired by the 1950s and ‘60s. Want to see great examples of Mid-Century Modern design? Just re-watch your favorite episodes of “Mad Men.”  


Scandinavian-inspired interior design

Pacaso listing: West District — Jackson Hole, WY

As its name suggests, Scandinavian design has strong Nordic roots — and no, we’re not just talking about IKEA. Classic Scandinavian design is clean, simple, functional and at times almost minimalistic. Scandinavian-inspired homes often have a muted color palette of whites and grays, with warm wood tones and splashes of color, mostly found in accent pieces. Because it draws inspiration from Scandinavia and its long, dark winters, this design style puts comfort first, with rich textiles that feel right at home in the warm glow of fireplaces and candles. Natural elements like houseplants add a lively feel, no matter the time of year. 


Living Room with views

Pacaso listing: Rodeo — Pebble Beach, CA

Classic, timeless and rooted in history, traditional homes rely on traditional shapes and layouts, and the same can be said about the interior design. Furniture pieces in traditional homes have classic silhouettes; refined fabrics like silk, velvet and leather; and timeless prints like damask and paisley. Architectural details like crown moldings, elegant window casings, elaborate chandeliers and statement fireplaces are also commonly found in traditional homes. 


Pacaso listing: Wood Creek — Incline Village, NV

The industrial design style first gained popularity in the early 2000s, when developers in major cities began transforming unused warehouses and factories into chic living spaces. Unlike other design styles that are mostly defined by furnishings and accessories, the industrial trend requires certain structural elements as your “blank canvas.” Common elements include exposed brick, exposed beams, concrete floors and tall ceilings with exposed pipes. As far as furnishings and accessories go, you can achieve an industrial-inspired look with metal, rustic woods, leather and bronze. Edison light bulbs are a favorite, too. 

Modern farmhouse

Living room in Bend, OR

Pacaso listing: Dancing Rock — Bend, OR

You’d be hard-pressed to turn on almost any home improvement show without seeing homes decorated in the modern farmhouse style, an aesthetic that has gone mainstream in the last five years or so. The modern farmhouse style pairs contemporary styling with rustic charm. Contemporary, comfortable furnishings are often paired with natural and salvaged elements to create a welcoming, yet not rural, aesthetic. You’ll know you’re in a modern farmhouse when you see things like shiplap-covered accent walls, barn doors, wrought iron hardware and distressed wood. 


Contemporary living room with sleek furniture and forest views

Pacaso listing: Home Run — Truckee, CA

Modern homes often take a “less is more” approach, forgoing bright colors and accessories for a more deliberately uncluttered space. Clean lines, a neutral color palette and square shapes are hallmarks of this design style, which has its roots in the modern and Art Deco movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries — of course, updated for today’s lifestyles. In modern design, every single piece has a well-defined purpose, and nothing exists purely for looks. That’s not to say that furnishings and decor items are boring. Rather, they’re unfussy, streamlined and effortlessly beautiful. 

Boho chic

redesign living room

Pacaso listing: The Redwood — Truckee, CA

One could argue that boho chic is almost the polar opposite of modern. The bohemian aesthetic features bold colors, strong patterns, a variety of textures, natural elements and plenty of layering. Eclectic in nature, boho chic spaces can look mismatched to those who prefer a more subdued look, but can also make your home feel like it’s telling its own unique story. In the boho chic style, furniture pieces are often sourced from antique stores, secondhand shops, traditional furniture stores and even global travels. 


Living room of a second home with transitional design

Pacaso listing: Balboa Promenade — Newport Beach, CA

The transitional design style emerged as a reaction to the stark, minimalist feel of modernism. Homeowners seeking a more comfortable and welcoming feel turn to furnishings that are more casual, yet still take inspiration from the traditional style. In these homes, you’ll find a mostly neutral palate, with large-scale textures and mixed metals to add depth. For many people, the transitional style is the best of both worlds: It’s sophisticated, yet uncluttered; classic, yet comfortable. 

Find a second home that fits your style

Pacaso offers a co-ownership model that can put a second home within reach. Every Pacaso home is professionally decorated in a style inspired by the individual home’s location and architecture style. And yes, you’ll find homes available in many of these styles. Ready to discover your favorite?

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