Best and worst interior design trends for second homes

Published Date: January 6, 2023

Sea Scape living room redesign
Life in a second home is more relaxed, so the design aesthetic, furnishings and amenities should help create an environment of carefree and easy living. We’ve spotted four design trends that do just that and identified four you’ll probably want to avoid. 

Hot trends

A pool with a viewNothing says vacation like a pool, whether your idea of a great day is lounging poolside with a cold drink and a good book or splashing with the kids. For a truly upscale feel, find a home with a pool that offers incredible views. Whether it’s an infinity edge that makes the pool feel like it flows right into the ocean or a pool on a hillside with views of the surrounding wine country, taking a swim while soaking up the scenery is always in style. Looking for a second home in a cold-weather destination like Park City or Lake Tahoe? Swap a pool for a luxurious hot tub with views of the mountains. It’s the perfect way to warm up (and soak your muscles) after a day on the slopes. Plenty of space for entertaining Vacation is best spent with friends and family, so look for a second home designed and decorated with entertaining in mind. That can mean anything from a great outdoor kitchen for barbecuing, to a fun-filled game room, to a wine cellar with room for tastings, or simply having enough bedrooms so your loved ones can come spend the weekend. A welcoming outdoor fire pit Is there anything better than catching up with friends around a campfire? A stylish outdoor fire pit is one of the hottest design trends out there, because it’s at once enjoyable and low maintenance. Simply light the fire, pull up a few chairs and start making memories. S’mores, anyone? A dedicated home officeMore people are discovering the flexibility that comes with working remotely, so they want a second home with dedicated office space. And while it might seem that an office isn’t about relaxing, it allows you to close the door when the work day is done. On most wish lists for a (second) home office are great lighting, high-quality and comfortable furnishings and a distraction-free setup. While a window with a view is a nice home office upgrade, avoid distractions like that big TV, gaming system or pool table. 

Not trends

Overly open floor plans Open-concept living had its time in the sun, there’s no doubt about that. But recently, homeowners have started to shift back toward floor plans with rooms that serve specific purposes: a tucked-away reading nook, a game room, a private home gym, even a home theater. Owners still love open spaces for gathering and entertaining, but many owners also want more contained, purposeful spaces. High-maintenance materials When you’re visiting your second home, your daily home maintenance task list should be very short. So, while it may be tempting to outfit your home with luxurious finishes, don’t saddle yourself with products and design elements that require a lot of maintenance. Go with quartz countertops instead of marble, consider artificial turf over real grass, and opt for stain-resistant fabrics for furniture and draperies. A missing dining roomA lot of newer homes go big on open-concept living space at the expense of a dedicated dining room or dining area, and that’s a miss. Sure, kitchen islands with barstools are great for grabbing a quick breakfast, but nothing replaces a big family dinner or game night around the dining room table. All-white minimalism While super-minimalist and all-white homes may look great in magazines, they’re not practical for most second home owners. Most people want a second home to feel like home, not a hotel. They want a warm, welcoming space, which can be harder to achieve with all-white, minimalist design. Plus, relaxing in what feels like a showroom can be tough, especially with kids. 

On trend: Pacaso

When you buy a Pacaso, your second home will come fully furnished and professionally designed. Pacaso offers co-ownership of thoughtfully designed second homes the modern way: We handle all the repairs, utilities and property management, so you can just show up and relax.

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