How to buy a beach house

Published Date: January 6, 2023

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Imagine waking up each day to a view of the water, sparkling in the morning sun. Imagine afternoons spent on the beach, and sunsets that reflect on the waves. That’s what you get when you buy a beach house. If you already think “beach” every time you want to get away from it all, a beach house might be the perfect second home for you.  Here are a few of the pros and cons of buying a beach house.


Convenience: If you feel like heading to the beach on a moment’s notice, your place is waiting — no planning or reservations required. And you know you’ll be comfortable since your beach house is just the way you like it.Perspective: Getting away to your beach house can help you shift your outlook and provide a welcome change of pace. The beach offers peace of mind and a relaxed lifestyle.Familiarity: When you own a beach house, you’ll likely see many of the same people on your morning strolls and in nearby shops, and develop a sense of belonging that will grow with every visit.


Cost: Waterfront properties are among the priciest homes in any market. Beachfront property is in such high demand that, in many places, you could spend more on a beach house than you would for a house twice as big a few miles inland. But for many people, it’s well worth it to have easy access to the water all day, every day.Upkeep: Owning a second home brings its share of work, just like a primary home. But waterfront homes, especially those near salt water, often need to be painted more often, thanks to the wind and salt air. Insurance: It costs more to insure a home near the water due to wind exposure and possible storm surge. Beach houses can have higher insurance rates and sometimes higher deductibles on average. 

How to choose the perfect beach location

Here are four questions to ask yourself before buying a beach house. 1. Is it easy to get to? You don’t want to fight gridlock to reach your beach house. Try to find a spot where you can manage the daily traffic.2. What is there to do? A house right on the water is nice. But don’t buy a home up on a cliff if you want to spend all your time in the sand. Will you be surfing, sailing or collecting shells? Find a place that offers you the chance to do what you love.3. Does it match your lifestyle? Make sure you’re in the right spot to maximize your experiences, whether that means on a boardwalk, near the marina, or on a quiet stretch of shoreline. Decide if it’s important to have easy access to cafes, supermarkets and restaurants, and if you want to be near nightlife and entertainment. 4. What size house do you need?Living on the beach is incredible, but you don’t want to sacrifice comfort to lock down that location. Don’t settle for a house that’s too small for your family and friends.

A beachy alternative

If you long for a beach house but your budget doesn’t stretch that far, Pacaso might be your answer. Pacaso’s LLC co-ownership model brings together buyers to co-own luxurious single-family second homes in top locations, including oceanfront, lakefront and creekside properties. Book time in your Pacaso as little as two days in advance, and enjoy the beach. When you’re not there, Pacaso professionally manages and maintains your home. Check out our listings today.

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