Financing webinar: how to unlock interest rates under 5%

Published Date: November 11, 2023

Beautiful Pacaso vacation home in Cave Creek, Arizona.
Pacaso's Chief Revenue Officer, Andreas Madsen, and Senior Director of Business Development, Sam Palazzolo, share insights on how to navigate financing second homes and unlock interest rates under 5%.
The discussion covered a range of financing topics, including key takeaways such as:
  • Traditional methods for lower rates are costly
  • Expect higher interest rates for longer
  • How Pacaso offers competitive financing for up to 70% of the home’s purchase price, including rates under 5% on select homes
  • How to take advantage of 0% financing options on select homes for a limited time
  • Steps to buying a second home with a friend or family member through Pacaso's Own with a friend program
For more information on Pacaso's financing options, visit our FAQ page.

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